10 of the Most Magical Beaches in Europe

There are many different kinds of beaches with different colours of sand, pebbles or large rocks and different colours of water as well. There is no single element that makes a beach beautiful.  If a beach with noisy tourists, a bar or dance club is something you are looking for these are not the beaches for you. But, if you are looking for a beach that is tranquil, beautiful, and magically erases all of your worries, than these are the beaches for you. Here is a list of ten magical beaches in Europe.

10. Lara Bay, Cyprus: This beautiful stretch of white sand has no facilities so bring everything with you when you come. The crystal clear blue waters are a great place to swim and snorkel and you can leave your troubles behind when you enter this paradise on earth, the ideal location for a relaxing luxury holiday in Cyprus.

Lara Bay, Cyprus

Lara Bay, Cyprus

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