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How to Get Into Farm and Ranch Photography

Ranch photography shows life in its simplest form—raw and natural. Rugged landscapes, farm animals, farm equipment, and a few ranch hands or cowboys here and there are the common subjects you will encounter in this photography niche. And as a ranch photographer, you are expected to portray the basic components of rural life in a way that...

The Ghosts of Contadora Island | Panama’s Forgotten Pearl

Contadora Island

We have heard and learned quite a few things about Panama in the last few weeks dear Lazy Penguins 😉 I am sure you do not know many things about the country (fiscal paradise aside). Today we will chat around the Island of Contadora. Isla Contadora (or Contadora Island in English) is a Panamanian island on the Pearl Islands archipelago (Spanish:...

Haunting Ghost Ship Of The Norwegian Fjords | MS Hamen

MS Hamen

The fjords, long and deep inlets of the ocean, are one of Norways top attractions. Fjords are found all along the coast and not limited to a particular county or location. The fjord-dominated landscape runs like strip all around Norway’s coast. In Western and Northern Norway, where fjords cuts deep into the land, this strip of land is more...

Small Collection Of The First Color Photographs Of Greece, 1913

First Color Photographs Of Greece, 1913

Nowadays we are used to digital photography and have totally forgotten that color photography is something relatively new. According to Wikipedia: Color photography is photography that uses media capable of reproducing colors. By contrast, black-and-white (monochrome) photography records only a single channel of luminance (brightness) and uses...

Funeral Of An Elephant | The Last Honour

Local villagers prepare to bury the body of elephant Hemantha during a religious ceremony at a Buddhist temple

You can see in the photos below Buddhist monks praying for their dead elephant Hemantha during a religious ceremony at a Buddhist temple in Colombo March 15, 2016. Hemantha (the elephant), which died from injuries to its feet, was under medical treatment for the last six months. The medics tried their best but they couldn’t keep Hemantha alive...

Extreme Surfing On Arctic Circle

Extreme Surfing On Arctic Circle

Tommy Olsen is a surf instructor who monitored his group of surf beginners during their 1st course at snowy beach of Unstad, in Lofoten Island, Arctic Circle, on March 09, 2016. Different surfers from all over the globe came to Lofoten island to surf in very extreme conditions. The temperature of the ocean was 6-7 °C, the air temperature around...

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