The Most Expensive Baby Strollers in the World

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

During the last years, exclusive brands have looked for a way to print their stamp on items for the little ones in the house. A wide range of luxury infant accessories, clothing and gadgets are available on the market. In these, the most prestigious firms strive to transmit all their essence in a smaller version….

The Most Expensive Funko Pops in the World

Funko Pop expensive

In recent years, the Funko Pop! they have become popular with young people and adults. The form that the Funko Pop! it became popular and little by little, it began to become popular with collectors’ taste. The first idea was to create dolls accessible to all budgets; however, collectors came to desire certain pieces so…

The Most Expensive Objects in the World

Janjaap Ruijssenaars Bed

The most expensive objects in the world range from precious jewelry to extravagant furniture, which not just anyone can have, since they cost millions of dollars. In the world there are different things that only the wealthiest people have the possibility of acquiring, since they are exclusive and unique pieces that grant a certain ‘prestige’…

The Most Expensive Antique Objects Ever Sold in the World

Ancient sword inlaid with gold of Napoleon

Archaeologists spend their days discovering buried treasures from ancient civilizations. Some of the antique items found are only worth a few dollars, while others are absolutely priceless. Our lives here on Earth may be short, but many of these antiquities continue to live for hundreds of years later. Billionaire collectors who really know how to…

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the World

Kardashians Halloween

Face masks with diamonds, super hero costumes and even latex masks of creepy real characters, these are some of the most extravagant and expensive ideas in the world to wear the scariest night of the year, Halloween! Let’s take a look at the most expensive Halloween costumes! In this atypical year in which you will…