The Most Expensive Liquid in the World

You’re probably imagining some rare chemical substance or liquid gold but in fact, the most expensive liquid in the world is none other than scorpion venom. Here’s why!

Scorpion venom as the most expensive liquid in the world

deathstalker scorpion

The scorpion venom is not only one of the most painful and liquid dangers that exists today, you can also make a lot of money with it, the deathstalker is perhaps one of the most “dangerous” scorpions on the planet, but its poison , the most expensive already in its liquid form has useful components that help the pioneers in medicines to realize innovative cures for various treatments.
For this example, we take the venom of a deathstalker scorpion which is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, and the poison that makes it so dangerous is also the most expensive liquid in the world.

The price of scorpion venom

deathstalker scorpion

Its price can reach $ 39 million (€ 35.3 million) per gallon, but even if you had the money now you could not buy it, because they only allow you to buy one drop for $ 130 (€ 118) which is equivalent to a gram of sugar .

Why is this poisonous liquid the most expensive in the world?

deathstalker scorpion

Obtaining a gallon of this precious liquid is not an easy task, scorpions are mostly milked by hand, and a scorpion at most produces only 2 milligrams of venom at a time, which means that you would have to milk it about 2, 64 million times to fill a gallon and although a sting does not kill you, the pain it generates in the body is 100 times greater than that of a bee sting, it is most likely that when you remove the precious liquid from this dangerous animal you happen.

Another important factor, and perhaps the most essential, is the various components that this liquid brings with it, the Chlorotoxin, it is the perfect size to bind to certain cancer cells in the brain and spine, which is very useful to identify the specific size and the location of tumors.

deathstalker scorpion

Researchers have used scorpion to kill malaria in mosquitoes. Kaliotoxin has been given to rats to fight bone diseases. Scientists hope that it can also be used in the future to work in humans. The truth is that the more scorpion venom is investigated, the more uses they find for it, the more valued it is and the demand for this precious liquid continues to increase progressively, which is why scientists are now looking for ways to obtain this precious liquid Too much faster. In the rise of death scorpion venom, alternatives have also been developed to extract this liquid faster and safely, such as this group from Morocco, who invented the first remote control machine for milking scorpions.

You can safely milk up to four scorpions at a time without problems. It may not seem like an exorbitant amount, but it is 4 times much faster than a human. Scientists hope to enter the market for the sale of scorpion venom in a few years, making this procedure a little more formal and safer for those who wish to acquire this wonderful liquid.