Top 30 Privacy Fence Design Ideas

Getting privacy at home is very important, inside the house blinds and curtains are responsible for providing it, but the outside can be difficult and expensive. Without adequate protection, the garden will not escape the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by, so it is necessary to look for systems that guarantee privacy without ruining the pocketbook. With this premise in mind we have collected the best privacy fence design ideas to fence your home in a simple and economical way. If what you want is to surround the outdoor area, keep reading!

Contemporary Privacy Fence Designs

Imagine your garden rearranged: aromatic plants, climbing plants, with flowers.. Your own static space in which to relax in the sun or in the light of the moon, just with your family or guests. It is logical that you are concerned about your privacy and want to devise a way not to be so exposed, especially if you live in a semi-detached house or share an urbanization with other neighbors. Garden fences are the simplest solution: wooden fences, metal fences, also made of recycled and synthetic materials. Garden fencing budgets tend to fit all budgets, you can go from specialists that use wood screws, to the ones with automatic machinery. If you need advice to renovate your garden, do not hesitate to contact our expert landscape architects, they will be happy to help you!









Metal Privacy Fence Designs

If you are the proud owner of a thriving garden, we recommend these fences to protect it from unexpected visitors. Among the ideas for fencing the garden there is always room for creativity. If you want to have a high fence but your house does not become a prison, try the option of including several levels with a planter. A high fence is always going to be less economical than a standard size, so it is important to bet on recycled materials, so you will at least save part of the cost. Our last proposal is economical and very original, it is about using laser-carved steel sheets as a fence for your garden. Despite their spectacular nature, they are really cheap.






Natural Privacy Fence Designs

What happened to the separation of arizonics? Dividing the space by plants is a simple and very natural solution to fence the garden. They provide just enough privacy to feel comfortable without closing the space abruptly like cement fences, a cheap idea to fence the garden with great style.





Wood Privacy Fence Designs

If you want to get a more consistent fence, try a wooden fence, they are lighter than brick. One tip, to save on their placement it is good to bet on using recycled wood panels, they are similar to the new ones but much cheaper. Taking up the bamboo loaves again, there is another method and its placement is independent. This way, less is needed than in the first option and, consequently, it is a cheaper idea to fence the garden. By now, you will have already seen the wide variety of garden fences that you can place. Even so, they are not all the types of metal or wooden fences that you can find in the market. Classic lattices, vertical slats, chicken wire with tangled ivy, or a row of planters with bamboo or ponytail can also be good ideas depending on what style you want to give it. To keep you dreaming, we leave you some extra ideas to turn your garden into a wonderful space. With which of all these fences would you protect your garden?














Privacy Fence Designs FAQs

1. Can I use furniture as part of the fence design?

Going up to another level in terms of fencing, how about making the furniture itself be the one that defines the separation between spaces? A good way to optimize your investment to meet various needs.

2. Is it a good idea to mix design styles for my privacy fence?

Betting on an eclectic style in your fencing has two advantages: on the one hand the cost and, on the other, the modern touch that it will give to the outdoor area.