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Tips on How to Enjoy Your Drink Responsibly

Drinking too much alcohol during the holidays to get drunk or alter the perception of reality, not only endangers the health of others, if you drive under the effects of alcohol, but also your own, because of hangover, digestive problems and in the last extreme: the ethyl coma.

How to Choose a Perfect Girl for Marriage

Sooner or later every guy starts considering an idea of marriage. A bachelor life can be enjoyable and full of freedom, but still living single for the rest of your life is not that inspiring. However, today it is quite complicated to find a decent woman for serious relationships. But it is possible. When some men discover the perks of marrying a...

Top 10 Most Expensive Drones In The World

EHang 184

Drones have advanced greatly in a matter of a few years and today more and more people have access to them. They are accessible because there are cheap drones today people use to take photos from places they wouldn’t normally reach. However, with such advancement have also surfaced drones that are incredibly expensive, able to achieve much...

Top 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins In The World

AWP Dragon Lore

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the biggest E-Sports in the world right now. The video game is an online first-person shooter where two teams fight against each other using guns, knives and bombs. It is possible to switch skins for your weapons which means changing their appearance. These skins are buyable and some of them are extremely...

Top 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards In The World

Honus Wagner, ATC T206

People love to collect things. Some collect stamps, others toys and others cards. Sports cards however, take the cake when it comes to the most expensive cards ever sold in the world. More specifically, baseball cards. Baseball cards depicting players of the sport used to be collected by a lot of people in the early 20th century and today some of...

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps In The World

iVIP Black

How expensive do you think a phone or tablet application can be? When people think of apps, they imagine the usual $5-10 price that is associated with most small apps. Well, you’re in for a surprise as you’ll find out the most expensive apps in the world are much much more expensive than that. In the list below you’ll find the...

Top 10 Smartphones For 2016

Apple iPhone 7

Smartphones are one of the most notable additions to our 21st century lives. And as such, there’s a yearly competition amongst tech companies to deliver us mobile devices that can help us play online games and communicate effectively with our friends and family. So if you’re looking for a smartphone upgrade, here’s a list of the mobiles to...

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