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Kakapo Is The Most Helpless Rare Parrot On Earth


Kakapos are a rare and currently endangered species of parrots that are native to New Zealand. In the past there used to be a great number of them in the islands of New Zealand but in recent years, due to the destruction of the environment and due to other invasive species, they are being protected and their numbers have dwindled. However...

Animal Facts Of The Day With A Funny Twist

Ostrich eye

Similar to how we previously looked at funny but inaccurate animal facts, today we’re showing you some animal facts that, although partially correct, have a funny twist at the end. The humor is genuine and the facts are only meant for laughs and not to teach people about animals. The series is called Animal Fact Of The Day and its subjects...

Cats And Dogs That Picked A Fight With Bees

Dog vs Bee

There were once upon a time some cats and dogs that did not know what would happen if they messed with the little flying bees. They learned the hard way. Here’s a series of images featuring dogs and cats who were unfortunate enough to get stung by bees. As you may know, a bee’s sting makes the affected area swollen for some time. This...

Yoga Dogs Make The Funniest Calendars

Yoga Dogs

Yoga dogs is one of the funniest things you’ll see today. It’s a series of photos featuring dogs and puppies of different breeds in many popular yoga poses for an annual calendar. It’s hilarious to see our best friends in those poses humans usually take while doing yoga. This is definitely one of the cutest and funniest...

Funny Tweets Rating Adorable Dogs And More

Rate your dog

Are you ready to have your dog rated? This comedic Twitter account called WeRateDogs does just that. They receive photos of dogs from their followers and they add funny quotes and captions on top of them rating the dog in question. Some of them are really hilarious as they strike at the heart of the joke. It is not hard for dogs to bring a smile...

British & American English: Differences

Difference between British and American English

Let’s walk together into this cliché – the differences between British and American English. I am sure every single lazy Penguins can find at least 5 differences. According to Wikipedia: British English (BrE) is the form of English used in the United Kingdom. It includes all English dialects used in the United Kingdom. American English...

Cute Dog Dressed Up As Various Disney Characters

Dressed Up As Various Disney Characters

I am sure that 99 % of you Lazy Paneguins, love and adore all Disney characters (well, most of them). We must admit though that we are kind of bored of the ‘Disney princesses reimagined’ thingy. Today we have something special for you: Funny redditor Mr_Duck_Sauce recently shared some pictures of her dog, “Cooper”, dressed up as some...

Stormtroopers Better At Putting Up Christmas Trees That Shooting

Stormtroopers Decorating

After the empire’s defeat finding a steady job has been difficult for Stormtroopers. However, with Christmas around the corner, they found employment in putting up and decorating Christmas trees. Stormtroopers are the soldiers that were part of the Empire in the Star Wars franchise. Today we’re looking at a series of photos featuring...

Satirical Extension Of Famous Music Album Covers

Justin Bieber

A series of very famous music album covers have been altered by extending the album’s cover art in a comedic way! Usually an album’s cover art reveals either the theme of the album or the singer/band. Some of them may appear random but all of them aim to appear artistic or honest. Someone decided to give them another approach and let...

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