The Coolest Florida Slangs You Need To Know

Florida is the southeasternmost state of the United States of America and over the years has earned its fair share of spotlight in the media for crazy stories and important events. What has also come out of Florida is unique slang. Great influence on Florida slang has had Hip hop and Cuban lingo. Today we’re taking a look at the coolest Florida slangs. Let us know in the comments if you’re aware of any others!

Top Florida Slangs:

  • Jit
  • Dale
  • Vibin
  • Bih
  • Bap
  • Buss – Bussin
  • Florida bath
  • No see ums
  • Floridabulous
  • Acere
  • The Florijority
  • Sleepin’
  • Snowbirds
  • Gator
  • Wicked Up
  • Wildin’ or Wildin’ Out



This word is used to refer to someone young, and is a way of calling a kid or a youngster in Florida. However, usually people call a jit anyone younger than themselves.



This word means  “Bye” but can also be interpreted as “come on” or “hurry up”. It’s mostly used in Southern Florida, popularized by singer Pitbull.


Teen skateboarder chilling

It’s the verb version of the word vibe and it means something along the lines of relaxing, or kicking back and chilling.


Man showing something on computer to happy friends

Bih is used to refer to someone, a place, or a thing while point at them. For example “Look at this bih!”.


Explaining Something to Superior

Usually refers to something tech related and means something busted or broken, not functioning properly anymore.

Buss – Bussin

Delicious food bussin

This word usually refers to food and means “something incredibly delicious” or something very tasty.

Florida bath

Miami, Florida, USA,Beach balls in swimming pool

It refers to cleaning yourself by going into a pool instead of a bath or shower.

No see ums

Baby boy feeling itchy and scratching his arm

It refers to pests, usually insects that are very annoying but almost impossible to see and discern.


Jacksonville, Florida, USA

It’s the Florida version of  unbelievable, incredible, and refers to something that’s cliché or weird without reason. It can be used with both a positive and negative connotation.


Friends greeting with a signature handshake

Acere is another southern Florida slang used to refer to a friend, as in “homie” or “pal”.

The Florijority

A crowd of people looks at a red man. Asociality, sociopathy. Rejected from society, lonely. Infected, fear and misunderstanding. Development of leadership and social qualities. Have a different opinion

It’s the Florida version of majority and is used to poke fun at Florida people for elections.



Sleepin’ or Sleep is used to refer to someone who’s missing in action, missing the best part of an event. For example “That party was crazy last night. you are sleepin’ dawg!”


Man sitting on the riverside resting after active paddling

While this is a real term used for a certain species of birds, in Florida’s case it refers to all the people who flee their home town’s natural cold climate to seek warmer days in Florida. It’s often used negatively to refer to people flocking to Florida for its good weather.


Crocodile lying at the zoo

It is short for alligator. As you may known Florida is notorious for its alligators, which it has a ton of. However, the slang term refers to people either as a term of endearment or because they are fans of the University of Florida’s team which has gator as its mascot.

Wicked Up

Lonely Drunk Man Sleeping

It’s another way to saying someone is hammered or wasted from drinking too much. You say someone is wicked up when they’re unable to even form proper sentences or walk in a straight line.

Wildin’ or Wildin’ Out

South Beach Wine Food Festival, Florida

This slang expression most commonly used in the rap and hip hop scene of the state, means that someone is going crazy, acting in an outgoing manner.

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Florida Slangs FAQs

1. Are these slang terms used in all of Florida?

Not necessarily but it’s possible that some of them are popular in the whole state and even other states of America. This is different for every slang expression but for most of them we mention below where it originates from and where it’s popular. Florida is a big state so it’s normal for some of them be only popular in the southern part of the state.

2. Can I use these slang terms in everyday life?

We do not recommend using a slang term you’re not personally familiar with, especially with people you don’t know so well. When it comes to slang terms there’s often cultural and historical background that if you’re not aware of could make you use the slang inappropriately, and even offend someone.

3. What does lick mean in Florida slang?

In case you haven’t had enough from the slangs mentioned above, here’s another one. In Florida a lick is the same as a hit. For example when a group are in a store and they say let’s hit a lick, they mean to rob or take something from the store. Of course this is a negative slang expression but interesting to know.

4. What does green mean in Florida slang?

In Florida slang, green is another way to refer to someone who is unusually mean or suspicious.

5. Do people in Florida say Woah a lot?

Woah in Florida slang is use as an expression of surprise or disbelief without meaning something specific, and yes it is used very commonly.