The Most Expensive Football Defenders In the World

Millionaire signings can represent a blessing or a curse. Spending monumental amounts on the purchase of a player is definitely a sign of faith, but there is always the assumption that the player will replace that faith with good results and great performance.. although if not, fans will never forget that player’s name. The purchase of Harry Maguire, for example, represented an opportunity for Manchester United to armor their defense, after experiencing a historic win in the Premier League, in which the English club was punished with 54 goals. However, it also represents an exorbitant capital outlay, nothing more and nothing less than 88 million euros, a payment that made this player the most expensive central defender in history.

Many footballers manage to compensate for the club’s investment with their sports skills, but others collapse under the weight of the expectations and goals that both the team that paid for them, as well as the inchas of it, put on their shoulders. Harry Maguire’s transfer aroused interest in knowing which have been the most expensive defenses in history, which is why we present below the most expensive football defenders in the world that make up the Golden Walls team.

Harry Maguire – 88 million euros

Harry Maguire


Now recognized as the most expensive defender in history, the former Leicester center-back was transferred to Manchester United with the intention of revamping and strengthening their defensive wall. The movement also reflects the inflation of the world of football and especially the increase in the value of the Premier League footballers due to their juicy new television contract of 4.6 billion euros to enter the international market. His contract ensures his stay at the club for six seasons during which he will earn 7.5 million euros annually.

Virgil Van Dijk – 85 million euros

Virgil Van Dijk


Transferred from Southampton, Liverpool paid € 85m for the Dutchman, making him one of the most expensive defenders, at least during the winter market of the 2017/18 season. Van Dijk said at the beginning of last year that the price of his transfer did not depend on him, but on the market: ‘The only thing I can do is work hard, very hard, to be my best and, above all, to perform at 100 percent in each game.

Lucas Hernandez – 80 million euros

Lucas Hernandez


The French defender was bought by Bayern Munich for 80 million euros, the same amount as his release clause. Lucas signed a contract for five seasons and will be together with Pavard and Jerome Boateng the leader of the Bavarian defense.

Matthijs de Ligt – 75 million euros


The 19-year-old Dutchman still holds the record for the most expensive defender in Serie A history, after Juventus Turin paid € 75 million for him. The young footballer was the captain of Ajax that reached the semifinals of the last edition of the Champions League.

Aymeric Laporte – 65 million euros

Aymeric Laporte

Pep Guardiola signed this athlete for 65 million euros, his termination clause, due to the irregular performance of Stones and Otamendi and Kompany’s injuries.