The Coolest Oregon Slangs You Need To Know

Following up on our series of slang expressions used across the United States of America, today we’re taking a look at the state of Oregon. Having previously looked into slang from both Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, now we take a step towards the west coast and bring you a way to get closer to the local life there. If you’re planning a trip to Oregon then this is your chance to prepare a few words to help you out. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the coolest Oregon slangs you need to know!



For many sunbreak will mean dawn, but in Oregon it is the rare occurrence during which there’s sunshine for a short moment, in the case which sunlight manages to get through the thick clouds.

The sticks

USA Pacific coast landscape, Oregon

The sticks is another slang expression referring to rural areas. Someone who lives in the sticks is a person living out of the city, in a rural zone.


Portland Oregon USA

Jojos is a word used by locals to address potato wedges but not just any. The real potato wedges local to Oregon whose preparation process goes something like this: Breading the wedge, then pressuring frying it and finally spicing it up and serving it.

The mountain is out

Overgrown orchard, Oregon, USA

Yet another rare occurrence, similar to one previously mentioned. In Oregon saying the mountain is out means that the day is sunny. When the sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly, the mountain is absolutely out. The origin of the saying comes from Mt. Hood in Portland that is usually covered by clouds.


Latourell Falls hiking trail footbridge Oregon US

Inherited from the expression spending money, something spendy is something expensive, something costly.

The bridge is up

Lake in Oregon

This slang saying is very useful if you not a very punctual person. It means that you are sorry for being late. The root of the saying lies in the fact that bridges are very important for Oregon’s Portland, and are often raised to allow ferries to cross. This has since long been used to excuse people being late so it’s stuck as a slang.

High muckamuck

Downtown Portland, Oregon

This is a negative name to call someone who is either annoying or overbearing. Basically it refers to someone who is arrogant and riding a high horse.