The Coolest Oklahoma Slangs You Need To Know

Planning on spending some days in the incredible state of Oklahoma in the United States of America and you’re not sure how to prepare yourself to feel more like a local? Then you should give the local slang expressions and sayings a chance by reading our following list, in our series of slang terms following right after Pennsylvania and Oregon! These sayings will make it so you understand better the intricacies of the state and its culture and could help you out during your trip. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the coolest Oklahoma slangs you need to know!



Billfold is a very intuitive slang, it’s a place to folds bills and save them, none other than the object we all have, a wallet! Most young people don’t use this slang term much, but older people all carry around a billfold!

What in tarnation?

Bison Crossing

This is the country way of saying what the heck is going on? It’s a more polite way of expressing the previously mentioned saying, a more respectful way to say “what the hell!?”

Ice Box

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Skyline

This one is also very intuitive, and stands for fridge or freezer. Oklahoma people love to refer to fridges are ice boxes!

Fraidy Hole

Tornado Supercell in Oklahoma

As you may be familiar with, there have been quite a few tornados in Oklahoma. A fraidy hole is a slang expression that stands for tornado shelter, an underground enclosure meant to protect people from the harsh weather as they wait out the storm.


Storm over field in Oklahoma

Cowpie might sound delicious but definitely don’t accept it if you’re ever offfered one during your time in Oklahoma. It’s another word for cow excrement. Make sure you avoid stepping on any cowpie during your stay in Oklahoma!


Oklahoma - State Capitol

Thunder is the name of the biggest Oklahoma basketball team, also known as the Oklahoma City Thunders. If you’re a fan of NBA or basketball in general then you might have heard of the Oklahoma City Thunder!


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Skyline

In case you’re not familiar with the geography and cities of Oklahoma, Tulsa is the second biggest city in the state, and T-Town is the slang way of referring to it.