The Coolest New Jersey Slangs You Need To Know

On your next trip to New Jersey make sure to go prepared and equipped with the coolest New Jersey slangs. Expressions and phrases that come from local culture that will make you feel like a local yourself as you’re exploring this beautiful and proud state. Below you’ll find the most popular slang terms we’ve collected for you.


New Jersey skyline

Newark is short for Newark airport found in Newark city of New Jersey. The reason this word belongs in this list is because when locals say Newark, they always mean the airport and not the city which would be the logical conclusion.


New Jersey skyline

Hoagie is another word for sandwich in New Jersey slang. When you visit the local deli make sure to say hoagie while making your order and see if the waiters will be impressed by your correct use of the slang. Especially common in South Jersey. Another word for this type of sandwich is hero or grinder.



Shoobie is slang for a seaside tourist, a travelers who spends one day in the city and takes the train to visit the shore with their meal in a box. It’s commonly used for people from Philadelphia.

I gotta hit the MAC

Urban Downtown City Skyline Trenton New Jersey State Capital

When someone says this they mean they need to visit the ATM to pull some money. MAC is short for the main ATM company in New Jersey, Philly and New York  which is called MAC.



Mutz is short for Mozzarella, the delicious cheese commonly found in pizza, pasta ad sandwiches.

The Boss


No it’s not about your superior at the office or an army general. In New Jersey it’s about Bruce Springsteen, one of the most famous singers born in New Jersey. If you enjoy his music then you’ll love visiting his home state.

Pork Roll

Jersey city at night

Pork roll is another word for processed meat, commonly used at homes and delis in New Jersey to make breakfast sandwiches with egg and cheese.

How about a hoagie with mutz and pork roll?