The Coolest Vermont Slangs You Need To Know

Ready to dive into the natural beauty of Vermont and explore the state of amazing forests? One thing you’ll notice during the stay is all the unique slang terms used by the locals, which add flavor to the English language already used by everyone. If you’re in for a great road trip through Vermont and would like to feel more like a local then these slang expressions will not fail you. Here are the coolest Vermont slangs you need to know!


Burlington, Vermont Skyline

Creemee is the slang term used to describe soft served ice cream. If it’s not soft serve then it cannot be called creemee. If you like this type of ice cream then you’ll love Vermont for it.



What’s your best guess for this one? It’s the short version for snow machining, which is this vehicle that cleans the streets from snow, making sure the roads are usable. As you may know in Vermont it snows often and these machines are very useful, thus the slang chinin’.



In Vermont you’d call someone a flatlander if they’re a foreigner or someone who was not born in Vermont. Someone who comes from another town can also be a flatlander. It does not refer to people who believe the earth is flat, funnily enough!

Sugar on snow


Yes it snows a lot in Vermont but sugar on snow actually refers to sweet candy, mainly because of its appeal which is maple syrup warmed and then spread with packed snow on top. This turns it visually into a delicious candy known as sugar on snow!

Had the radish

The Vermont State House in Montpelier, Vermont, USA

When something has served its purpose and cannot be used anymore or there’s no point using it anymore then in Vermont they say it “had the radish”. When someone is not useful anymore its had the radish.

Green Up Day


As you might guess green up day has to do with cleaning on a state scale. It’s a special day in Vermont in which everyone goes out to clean the roadside from trash and make sure the state remains as green as it is known to be by all. It’s a state-wide effort and the term essentially means “clean up day”.

Down cellar


This slang term is another word for basement, the place where items are stored that are not used at the time.