Pieces of kit to upgrade your investment property (for enticing tenants)

Nowadays, most people want the latest piece of tech to carry out tasks faster and faster, or the newest phones with the best specs and cameras jutting out on the back. Property investors/landlords wanting to make their property stand out from the rest and entice potential tenants should think about leveraging this trend. Decking out your apartment/home with some modern fixtures and fittings is easier than you might think. While it might be a little bit of an investment, it could make a world of difference on the popularity of the property that you’re offering.

Here are a couple of pieces of tech that you might want to consider if thinking about upgrading your investment property.

Smart Lighting

Smart LED bulbs such as the Phillips Hue series that connect to the internet, can be set on timers to turn on and off in the morning/evening, and turn into a range of different colours on demand, are soaring in popularity. They’re relatively affordable, easy to install, and a stand-out, notable upgrade to your property.

If working with reduced space, say in a studio apartment, for example, it can often be difficult to give a space much versatility, as the furniture can’t be moved around or personalised. With smart lighting, users can profile different moods on their phones, giving them that bit of customisation and ambience that they might desire. Plus, if nothing else, it’s a cool gimmick to impress friends, and it will definitely draw the attention of tenants looking for a new spot to live.

Smart Security Measures

One of the most important aspects of any home should be how safe and secure it is, as no one should ever feel uncomfortable in their own space. With modern tech developments that connect wirelessly to the internet and work seamlessly with smartphones, there is no longer the need for bulky recording devices, with heaps of wires to boot. Take a look at the likes of the Google Nest and Ring security systems for inspiration. With the CCTV cameras recording and saving footage to a companion app that you can download, many of these systems can even be accessed remotely, meaning that tenants can access their home even from work or when away on holiday to give them added peace of mind.

Tip – are you an investor or property owner that doesn’t necessarily have the time to be dealing with the daily minutia and ongoing of a current tenancy, or perhaps doesn’t live close enough to be able to handle arising issues effectively? Some investors might decide to enlist the help of dedicated service to take care of some things for them.

RWinvest, for example, offers a hands-off strategy to potential investors, allowing them to focus on their primary source of income. At the same time, a professional management company handles and issues from the tenant. Not only does this benefit the investor, but it can also be marketed as a modern aspect of the property, as tenants will take solace in the fact that there is always a designated agent on-hand to help them with anything they need.

Marketing the property

This isn’t necessarily a piece of kit that you can purchase or layout throughout an apartment. Still, it’s an important step, ad a side piece of information worth knowing to put you in with the best chances of finding that perfect tenant.

Once you’ve got your property fitted with some modern accoutrements, try to increase the visibility of is online as much as possible. Post as many pictures as you can, highlight the tech upgrades that you’ve integrated into the home and also highlight some of the surrounding spots that might be of interested to the target demographic. If you’re targeting students for tenancy in your property, for example, then you might want to showcase the distance away from the local universities, or some popular bar and restaurant spots nearby.

Remember, at the end of the day, you can spend as much as you want on small quality of life improvements in your home offering, but if they aren’t shouted about and celebrated, then the average person might not even notice that they’re there when searching. Highlight these tech improvements as a key selling point, and your property should quickly stand out from the rest.