The Coolest Utah Slangs You Need To Know

Planning to spend a few days in Utah and are not sure how to fit in? Perhaps the following Utah slang terms will help out. Utah is famous for its beautiful snow regions, great for skiing and for its amazing canyons and of course Salt Lake City, but if you really want to blend in and live these experiences as a local you should also know at least a few of this state’s popular slang terms. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the coolest Utah slangs you need to know!

They totally biffed it

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

If you messed up and took a bad fall after tripping then you totally biffed it in Utah. It’s another term for falling which puts emphasis  on how you messed up to end up falling.


Snow covered Monument Valley, Utah, USA

Sluffing usually used by younger people in Utah refers to the act of not going to class for a few hours or a day, in other words, skipping class. Kids that don’t feel like going to school will be sluffing.

St. Geezy

Scenic highway in Utah

It’s anothe way to refer to St. George, but not the actual saint or a church, but a city in Utah which is a popular vacation destination for a lovely weekend. Ready to go to St. Geezy?


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Slots in Utah does not refer to the game of chance, but instead to the canyons, a famous part of the landscape of Utah which millions of people visit it for. For locals slots are something they’re used to but for travelers, it’s an amazing sight.


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Downtown

A ward is another word to refer to a meeting or gathering of Mormons. As you might be aware there are big Mormon communities in Utah, so such congregations are not actually rare.


Park City, Utah, USA

Epic is actually not a slang but a very popular local beer name in Utah. It is the one most commonly drank around the state so it deserves the spot in this list. People visiting the state always stop by its brewery to try it out in Salt Lake City. It’s like an attraction by itself.

Oh my heck!

Hike in Utah

If you are religious, using God’s name in vain is considered bad so in Utah instead of saying oh my god, they say oh my heck which is a politer way to say the same thing. Even if you’re not religious it’s a nice way to be considerate around others who might be.