Amazon Buys Ring for $1 billion

Amazon is looking to expand its base in home security and internet of things (IoT) offerings. The online retailer bought the home security company called Ring for a deal of $1 billion last year, according to reports by Reuters.

Ring manufactures doorbells which are smart in nature. They have an inbuilt camera which shows who is knocking on your door. The footage can be accessed on multiple devices and helps homeowners determine whether to open the door.

What Would You Love About the Ring?

The Ring bells also come with the remote unlocking feature. Users can input a code on their device remotely and unlock the door without being present at home. The idea sounds interesting, and soon we may not need to carry around keys or suffer from tension when we lose them. It can give a boost to your home security and make it more convenient for you.

Amazon seems to have a motive in acquiring the company for such a large amount. They already have programs such as Amazon Prime which provides quick delivery of goods. Now the delivery person can get your product right inside your door with the help of Ring bells.

The concept goes like this- the delivery person rings the doorbell, and the homeowner can see who is at the door. Then they can choose to unlock the door by delivering the secret unlocking code on their device. The delivery person can get in and leave your package without you being present at home! It quickens their delivery service and becomes essential for some products such as food items and groceries which can get spoiled.

What Would User Love About It?

Amazon’s concern seems to be able to integrate the Ring with its Alexa devices, something that the company is increasingly promoting in recent days. Alexa helps you in everything from switching lights on to knowing about the weather or listening to music.

The Ring doorbells will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Echo speaker system. You can activate the voice PA system Alexa and ask it to provide a feed from our front door. You won’t need to press any buttons or even use your hands! With the inclusion of Ring doorbells the number of camera products offered by Amazon goes up to 3 including the Cloud Cam security camera and Echo Look fashion camera.

The Ring doorbells will be a part of the Cloud Cam package and will enhance indoor home security systems. Smart locking features are also integral part of the package and will help residents to control entry points to their property. Amazon has been extending its home security products for quite some time. Earlier it acquired the video doorbell and security camera manufacturer Blink for $90 million.

With the acquisitions Amazon can offer improved products and better integration with its solutions. It’s going to give a tough competition to other home security solution companies such as ADT who reigned the market till now. Only time will tell if Amazon can establish itself as a key player in the industry, the demand for their products though always seem to be high.