Cats And Dogs That Picked A Fight With Bees

Dog vs Bee

There were once upon a time some cats and dogs that did not know what would happen if they messed with the little flying bees. They learned the hard way. Here’s a series of images featuring dogs and cats who were unfortunate enough to get stung by bees. As you may know, a bee’s sting makes…

The Most Beautiful Cats With Heterochromia In The World

Heterochromic Eyed Cat

There are animals in this world that have eyes with different colors just like with humans. This rare mutation is called heterochromia and although it’s something unusual, it can be a very beautiful thing. Today we’re looking at cats with heterochromia and how this mutation makes their eyes appear so unreal, as if it was magic….

Adorable Mama Cats With Their Baby Kittens

Cat and her litter

As you may know cats give birth to many kittens and each litter can be from 1 to 8 kittens. After being born the little ones cling onto their mama for safety and food. It’s these adorable moments where the mama cat is getting overwhelmed by her kittens that we’re presenting to you today via…

Majestic Cats Watching Over The Town Of Calp In Spain

Majestic Cat Watching Over Calp

The natural park of Peñón de Ifach in Valencia, Spain, has become the home of many cats. Now they watch over the town of Calp. The gorgeous coastal town of Spain has a lot to offer as far as beauty and tourist attractions go. However, no one would expect a gang of cats welcoming them on the…

Amazing Photos Of Cats Shaking Droplets Off

Shake Cats

Carli Davidson recently revealed a series of photos for her new project featuring cats shaking off water droplets. The project is called Cat Shake and is part of her book series Shake. These are the kind of photos you didn’t know you wanted to see! It’s incredible how a still of a normally very rapid…

Cat Buddies Decide To Investigate Frozen Fish

Cat Buddies

Cat buddies noticed something suspicious as they were passing by what appears to be a nearby frozen pond. What could it be? As they approached they noticed a very familiar silhouette on the ice. That of a fish! Immediately they enter a cautious stance while slowly closing in on their target. However, once they reached…

Cats In Aristocratic Classical Portraits | The Hermitage Court Cats

The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat

Have you ever wondered what cats would look like in aristocratic attire drawn as classical portraits? Well, today you’ll find out! This is what you didn’t know you needed to see. The artist’s name is Eldar Zakirov. He’s a young designer and illustrator from Tashkent who among other paintings has a a series of cat…

Gorgeous Siberian Cats Brace Themselves For Winter

Siberian Stare

Our feline friends make a comeback in this article with their representatives this time being the gorgeous Siberian cats! It was only recently that we talked about the most beautiful cats in the world, but we may have missed a few! The photos below were captured by Russian photographer Alla Lebedeva who managed to get…

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cats In The World

1. Chapy

Adorable, gorgeous, wonderful cats! If that’s what you’re here for then keep scrolling! Whether they are well behaved or naughty, mischievous or obedient, they always hold a special place in our hearts. Some of them either with their beautiful looks or with their playfulness have managed to achieve internet fame through different social networks or…