The Impact of International Deliveries On the UK

These days, it’s extremely easy to send parcels internationally. The internet has made it possible to request and book international delivery in just a few clicks of a button. While that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges involved, it does mean it is generally easier for businesses to operate internationally.

The question is, what impact are international deliveries having on the UK? Here, we’ll look how international shipping has impacted Britain and how it’s likely to change due to Brexit.

A significant boost to the economy

One of the most positive impacts international shipping has had on the UK, is a boost to its economy. The ability to branch out easier and send parcels internationally, has enabled businesses to significantly boost their profits, in turn benefitting the economy.

If international deliveries were to stop, the economy would no doubt suffer a strong decline. So, in terms of economy, the UK has definitely benefitted from international shipping.

The challenge of air pollution

One of the more negative impacts international deliveries have had in the UK is pollution. It’s recently been reported that air pollution from UK shipping is a lot higher than was previously thought.

The pollution created from freight ships is causing health problems in coastal towns and ports. It’s obviously also impacting the environment. So, more does need to be done to reduce air pollution caused by international shipping from the UK. Looking into alternative transportation options is a good first step to combatting the issue.

Will Brexit change international deliveries?

Brexit negotiations have been going on for over a year now and the majority of businesses still have no clue how it is going to impact them. Could it have an impact on international deliveries?

There is a possibility it will prove more expensive to ship to and from European countries. However, the UK is currently looking into trade deals with other countries. So, in the grand scheme of things, international deliveries after Brexit aren’t likely to change too much. This means businesses should still be able to benefit from affordable, international delivery from companies such as Parcel2Go

Overall, international deliveries have impacted the UK, but largely it’s been positive. There have been challenges, such as air pollution, which still need to be dealt with. However, for the most part, international deliveries are helping to boost the economy, help businesses expand and it’s even encouraging more start-ups.