The Five Most Expensive iPhone Cases – Ever

There is no doubt we are living in the mobile age and whether we love our smartphones or are one of those that think we spend too much time on them one thing is for sure and that is the spin-off industries have made a great deal of money from the portable computer that fits in your pocket.

Let’s face it when it comes down to price the iPhone isn’t a cheap at all, and keeping it in good condition is vital, as scratched or damaged smartphone does not appeal.

This has led to many protective cases being made and like anything else there are those that are affordable by most people, and then there are those cases that are downright silly prices, somewhere in-between is a range of iPhone cases that are not silly expensive but nevertheless only affordable to those that enjoy their favourite brand names.

It makes a great deal of sense to protect your iPhone from damage as we have come to rely on them for so many different things. From banking to browsing for holidays, health check to sourcing your mobile casino pay by phone bill our smartphones are an important part of our everyday lives that to lose it or have it stolen is tantamount to a minor disaster.

Today you are likely to see the smartphone on the catwalk in place of designer handbags, as this essential piece of kit is also the must have fashion accessory to own today so it’s no wonder that ‘dressing’ the smartphone has also become somewhat of a necessity as well.

For instance, Gucci have produced the crocodile case and its priced at $495. Using alligator skin which is more weather resistant than cow leather and with the Gucci clean lines we are used to has made this iPhone case of their most popular.

Another popular brand Dolce & Gabbana have produced a beautiful iPhone case called the Iguana-effect. This stylish and typically Dolce & Gabbana is made out of 90% calf skin designed like an iguana skin with some wonderful bling on its back. High-end materials and a great name have pushed this case into a price bracket that is just under $1000 ($895).

Pairs is known as the city of romance, class, and culture and if you happen to have e$1495 to spare then you could own the flower Eifel tower case which has a back to it that is covered with your own miniature Eiffel Tower and flowers. A stunning case at a high price but paying for something beautiful is not new.

As you can guess we are heading on up in price again with the Case-mate limited edition which will set you back in effect the cost of four iPhones setting you back $4271. The Case-mate doesn’t appear to be anything particularly special but this beauty is not about bling. The design is simple but it houses a soundproof technology that can redirect the sound outside of the iPhone and the case itself can be customised to anything that the owner wants.

Quickly passing the one off Gold-plated Trump case from Godgenie that set one lady back $151000 it’s the Dragon and Spider cases from Anita Mai Tan that has the highest price tag of all iPhone cases. Diamonds cover three quarters of the cases body and as you would expect there is a stunning spider or dragon decorating the back.