Amazing Photos Of Cats Shaking Droplets Off

Shake Cats

Carli Davidson recently revealed a series of photos for her new project featuring cats shaking off water droplets. The project is called Cat Shake and is part of her book series Shake. These are the kind of photos you didn’t know you wanted to see! It’s incredible how a still of a normally very rapid…

Cat Buddies Decide To Investigate Frozen Fish

Cat Buddies

Cat buddies noticed something suspicious as they were passing by what appears to be a nearby frozen pond. What could it be? As they approached they noticed a very familiar silhouette on the ice. That of a fish! Immediately they enter a cautious stance while slowly closing in on their target. However, once they reached…

The Most Beautiful Cat In The World Lives In Greece


Chapy is a gorgeous blue eyed bobtail cat living in Greece. With his slogan “Share Chapiness“, he has been doing just that, helping us be chapy with his adorable photos and videos. You might remember him from the most beautiful cats in the world post where he held a prominent spot. However, since then Chapy Cat has grown…

Cat Is Awarded For Worst Sleeping Face In Japan

Gorgeous with blue eyes awake

If you one day met Setsu, the Japanese cat of @Mino_ris, you’d think it’s a gorgeous cat with adorable blue eyes. However, that’s only half the truth. Once Setsu starts getting sleepy and feeling groggy a transformation occurs that no one could ever imagine after seeing that cute face. Awful is one way to put…

The Top 10 Funniest Cat GIFs

Our feline friends strike once again. This time with a selection of the top 10 funniest cat gifs on the internet. We can all agree that cats are adorable but many times they’re also clumsy, silly or plain funny. Luckily for us, many such moments have been captured by proud owners and shared with us….

Gorgeous Siberian Cats Brace Themselves For Winter

Siberian Stare

Our feline friends make a comeback in this article with their representatives this time being the gorgeous Siberian cats! It was only recently that we talked about the most beautiful cats in the world, but we may have missed a few! The photos below were captured by Russian photographer Alla Lebedeva who managed to get…