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Adorable Mama Cats With Their Baby Kittens

Cat and her litter

As you may know cats give birth to many kittens and each litter can be from 1 to 8 kittens. After being born the little ones cling onto their mama for safety and food. It’s these adorable moments where the mama cat is getting overwhelmed by her kittens that we’re presenting to you today via a series of photos by cat owners around the...

Most Adorable Origami Creations For World Origami Day

Origami Dragon

As you may know origami is the art of creating things using paper and originates from Japan. This includes giving paper unique shapes such as that of animals or musical instruments. Even though Origami started out in Japan as a form of art, it is now widespread and whole world knows of it and uses it. The 11th of November happens to be the World...

The Many Faces Of An Adorable Hedgehog!

Hedgehog Days

Who said hedgehogs can’t be expressive? Marutaro is more than expressive with his many faces! The little Twitter celebrity hedgehog is having the time of its life with multiple little drawn mouths covering its mouth and nose, giving it a different expression every time! What makes this ten times funnier and more adorable is the natural...

Ramsey | The Adorable Smiling Blue Staffy


Ramsey is an adorable blue staffy that can’t stop smiling. It will surely bring a smile on your face too when you see it! More specifically, Ramsey is a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, known as @bluestaffy on Instagram. What’s special about Ramsey is that it’s smiling all the time, and behaves extremely well! It appears to...

The Adorable Cryptid Paintings Of Pokemon


Pokemon fans and art fans, this one is for you! Today we’re looking at the incredibly adorable artwork of Piper Thibodeau which features Cryptid Pokemon! The Cryptid Pokemon is a series of illustrations by the young characters designer and concept artist from Canada, which consists of all the original 150 Pokemon along with newer generation...

Adorable Crocheted Superhero Critters Ready For Adoption At SDCC


If you are going to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (#SDCC) you should keep an eye out for these absolutely adorable crocheted critters which will be scattered all over the event. The crocheter is a a fellow blogger who goes by the name @geekyhooker and loves to crochet cute critters of popular characters and share them with the world. This...

27 Photos of Animals and their adorable Mini-me versions

Mini-me tiny King

You’ve surely noticed it in the past. The moment when you look at an animal and you see there by its side, its adorable baby, looking more similar than ever. You must have seen it at least once, whether it was from your pets, your friends’ pets or from TV or even the internet. The moment we’re talking about is the one where the...

Would You Like a Cookie or Two dear Lazy Penguin? More Info

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