The Most Ridiculously Photogenic Animals

Ridiculously Photogenic Animals

Have you ever had that one friend who always appears great in photos? So photogenic that you can’t find a bad photo of them? What about animals? There’s at least one member of every species that has the gift. It is as if they pose for the camera and are captured in the perfect moment…

Mechanical Animals And Humans Working Together Art

Orca Diver

Mechanical or cyborg animals by the side of humans, working together to deal with threats or punish poachers. At least that’s the idea behind the project called Big Five by Robert Chew, which includes a series of different robot animal illustrations. The artist wanted to explore the theme of drones protecting endangered animals with the…

Physical Abilities Of Humans Compared To Animals

Human vs Animal

Humans have prevailed over animals thanks to our thinking capabilities. However, how do we fare against animals in physical contests? As you’ll see from the images bellow, not so well. Several physical qualities are pitted up against the best of each kind in a series of illustrations. It compares what some of the best human…

Amazing Surreal Illustrations Of Animals By Jay Fleck

There Was Fire In Its Eyes

Today we present amazing pieces of art mostly centered around animals drawn by Jay Fleck. He is a talented designer and illustrator from Illinois who has created several prints of animals in adorable and, most times, weird concepts. Most of his prints are sold in the form of products such as curtains, clothes, rugs and more….

The most colorful animals in the world

Mandarin Duck

Welcome to this colorful post! This time we’re looking at the most colorful animals in the world. Take a second before scrolling down to try and guess which animals are part of the list. Then when you scroll down check and see how many you guessed correctly. You’ll surely be surprised with many of the…

The fluffiest animals in the world

Baby Penguin

Cute? Check. Furry? Check. Fluffy? Guaranteed! Today fellow lazy penguins in our company are other species of animals which we may or may not get very well along with but share one thing in common! Fluffiness! These adorable animals whether free or domesticated never miss a chance to show off their lovely fur to the…

27 Photos of Animals and their adorable Mini-me versions

Mini-me tiny King

You’ve surely noticed it in the past. The moment when you look at an animal and you see there by its side, its adorable baby, looking more similar than ever. You must have seen it at least once, whether it was from your pets, your friends’ pets or from TV or even the internet. The…