The Adorable Spiky Echidnas From Australia


Echidna are little creatures with spikes similar to hedgehogs native to Australia. They are also known as spiny anteaters as they resemble them but the truth is they share characteristics from both reptiles and mammals. That is also the reason for their name which refers to a mythological Greek creature that was part snake, part woman….

The Most Beautiful Animals Of Autumn

Autumn Reindeer

Being deep into Autumn already we can’t deny that with all its temperature loss and rain, it can be magical too. The fall of orange leaves helps and so do the animals! Today we’re looking at some of the most beautiful images featuring animals in Autumnal scenery. Needless to say the images are absolutely gorgeous…

The most colorful animals in the world

Mandarin Duck

Welcome to this colorful post! This time we’re looking at the most colorful animals in the world. Take a second before scrolling down to try and guess which animals are part of the list. Then when you scroll down check and see how many you guessed correctly. You’ll surely be surprised with many of the…