The Adorable Bandicoots Of Australia


Bandicoots are a unique species of marsupials that can be exclusively found in Australia and New Guinea. They are small in size and very adorable! These short legged little marsupials are mostly herbivorous and nocturnal. They have pointy snouts making their faces seem slightly long. They also have thin long tails but despite this, their…

Ruby Is the Cutest Wombat In The World

Ruby the Wombat

Ruby, the wombat that lives in the animal sanctuary in Australia called Safe Haven, is possibly the cutest fluffy wombat in the world. Despite having grown up and being quite large for an adult wombat she still loves to be held like a baby by her caretakers. This and a couple of other peculiarities of…

The Adorable Spiky Echidnas From Australia


Echidna are little creatures with spikes similar to hedgehogs native to Australia. They are also known as spiny anteaters as they resemble them but the truth is they share characteristics from both reptiles and mammals. That is also the reason for their name which refers to a mythological Greek creature that was part snake, part woman….

The Sweet And Adorable Sugar Gliders Of Australia

Sugar Glider

Native to Australia but possible to be kept as anywhere nowadays, Sugar Gliders are the cousins of possums with similar characteristics but possibly more adorable! Just like flying squirrels they have a membrane which allows them to glide through the air, thus their name, and they are a nocturnal species of animals. As a matter of fact…

Amazing National Flags Made To Represent Each Country’s Cuisine

Brazil - Banana leaf limes pineapple and passion fruit

Have you ever wondered what your country’s flag would look like if it was shaped using your country’s cuisine? That’s exactly what this post is about. You will most likely realise after looking at them that some are more accurate representations than others while others seem much more delicious. Fellow lazy penguins take a look and…