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Illustrations Of Zombie Puns By Garth von Ahnen

Zombie Airports

Garth von Ahnen has created a series of illustrations which takes a comical approach on the age old zombie concept. By working with word puns, he gives different things a zombie version which instead of the typical “Brains!” quote are replaced by a relevant word that rhymes. So for example if human zombies are looking for brains...

Amazing Doctor Who Illustrations by Anthony Wall

Doctor Who and the Gang

A DeviantArt user called Anthony Wall has created a series of beautiful illustrations featuring different doctors and their companions of the popular TV series, Doctor Who. The well known British Sci-Fi TV programme that has been going for decades now showing the adventures of the Doctor, a time lord, has inspired a lot of people to draw fan-art...

Artist Uses His Father As Reference For His Movie Posters

The Lost Boys

Jason Edmiston needed a model to base his movie illustrations on. His father obliged gladly and in style! The artist is a commercial illustrator who has been creating posters and other types of art for the movie, and entertainment industry in general,for many years. Recently he released a series of photos showing the key factor for some of his...

Dark Fantasy Illustrations Of The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen are known from the bible as the riders of the apocalypse. Daniel Karamudin took the dark angle of this concept and turned it into dark fantasy illustrations! The DeviantArt artist created a series of illustrations featuring the four horsemen and their horse, both together and separately, in a dark setting with post-apocalyptic...

Cool Illustrations Of The Dark Side Of Star Wars

Star Wars Dark Side

With the new Star Wars Movie: The Force Awakens, closer than ever, new Star Wars artwork is emerging everyday on the internet. Today we’re looking at some cool illustrations of The Dark Side by Fishfinger. The illustrations feature portraits of the villains of Star Wars that belong to the Dark Side. The artwork is incredible especially...

Amazing Dragonball Z Illustrations By Barrett Biggers


A few incredible Dragonball Z illustrations were recently revealed by Barrett Biggers. Needless to say, the geek in us was awestruck! Not only are these portraits related to one of the favourite shows of our childhood, but they are also amazingly well done. Our favourite characters are looking cooler than ever in their Super Saiyan forms in these...

The Angels And Watchers Of A Dystopian World By Peter Mohrbacher

Suphlatus - Angel of Dust

Peter Mohrbacher through his Angelarium website has created a series of illustrations with amazing art featuring angels of a fictional universe. Today we are taking a look at one of the artist’s current ongoing projects called The Watchers. So far there are eight and they’re all quite intricate, each with their own background. What is...

Epic Fantasy Illustrations Of The Zodiac Signs By Guangjian Huang

Taurus - The Bull

Guangjian Huang is a great digital illustrator and artist from China who, among other works, has created an epic series of illustrations with the Zodiac signs. In his illustrations the astrological signs take usually an anthropomorphic form or a mixture of human and creature depending on the sign. Some can be seen as humans dressed in armor or...

Illustrations Of Before And After Featuring Memorable People

1. Michael Jackson

Fulvio Alejandro, who also goes by the alias Fulaleo, has created a series of illustrations featuring memorable personas from the entertainment and technology industries. The theme of the art, is showing the before and after of the person being drawn. In most cases they appear next to each other, a younger version and an older version of the...

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