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Artist Uses His Father As Reference For His Movie Posters

The Lost Boys

Jason Edmiston needed a model to base his movie illustrations on. His father obliged gladly and in style! The artist is a commercial illustrator who has been creating posters and other types of art for the movie, and entertainment industry in general,for many years. Recently he released a series of photos showing the key factor for some of his...

She Turned Her Parent’s House Into A Monster House For Halloween

Parent's Monster House

Young photographer, artist and model Christine McConnell recently revealed the Halloween decorations she prepared for her parents house. The result is super spooky! With Halloween right around the corner, and with her parent’s permission, Christine started painting and creating all the decorations for the house herself. Many parts of the...

Halloween is for animals too! | Funniest animal costumes

Santa Penguin

Once upon a time there was a festivity celebrated by people called Halloween. During Halloween people tricked or treated others, partied and mainly wore costumes which were usually scary. That’s the tale as most people know it. However we, lazy penguins, know as truth that there is another event that is far more important and hilarious.. the...