Why Your CBD Gummies Company Should Incorporate Video Marketing

If your CBD gummies company is just getting off the ground,  you may still be learning the ropes when it comes to marketing. Even when your company has been around for a while, getting and staying in front of your target audience can be a challenge.

Successful companies like Verma Farms (https://vermafarms.com/collections/cbd-gummies) have got their marketing down to a science. Hard work and dedication will only get you so far. You also need a knack and talent for creating content that will thrive in the online CBD gummy market.

With so many restrictions on CBD marketing, video may not be your first instinct, but video content is currently one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience.

Whether you are advertising CBD gummies for sleep, anxiety, chronic pain, or increased performance, video marketing adds a whole dimension to your campaigns that will get your product in front of a new audience and increase engagement and conversion rates.

Build Brand Identity

The key to using video marketing to build your brand identity is making sure you have a solid identity to start. Do you know exactly who your target audience is? What their musical, aesthetic, and artistic taste is? Their demographics? Where they live? All of these factors will need to go into the creation of your video marketing campaigns.

Do some research about your audience as well as how your audience interacts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, to get an understanding of how your videos will reach the most people and hold their attention.

You may not be able to post your videos on social media, but researching what your audience likes on social media will help you design your video campaign for your website.


Let’s just look at how videos may vary depending on your audience, using the example of CBD gummies for sleep. If you are advertising to a more mature audience, you may include lots of facts and text within your video about ways CBD can help you get a good night’s sleep.

You might mention aches and pains since that is something that often keeps people over 30 up at night. You would use music and imagery that appeals to that age group, and you would keep things calm and mellow.

Advertising CBD gummies for sleep to a younger audience is a different ballgame. This video needs to be in fast-forward compared to the first. You’ve got less time to grab a younger person’s attention, as they are accustomed to the standard TikTok video length of 15-30 seconds.

People in this age group enjoy contrast, irony, and humor in a way other generations do not seem to appreciate as much, so you will want to take advantage of that in your videos. More action with text used sparingly is the format you want to go for here.

Show Up More in Searches

Google uses several factors to determine where your website belongs in the search rankings. One factor is the number of clicks, but one of the most important factors is the amount of time spent on your site. If you can grab a consumer’s attention on your landing page with a well-placed video, you will keep them on your site for longer, which boosts your ranking


You and your competitor may both sell the same type of CBD oil for sleep. When a consumer enters a search for “CBD oil for sleep,” both of your sites could show up. If they go to your competitor’s site and leave quickly because nothing catches their eye, then you have the opportunity to grab them with your video. When they hang out long enough to watch that video, your ranking in the search engine will be elevated.

Build Trust

In the CBD industry, trust is one of the biggest ways you can differentiate your brand from others. With all of the web marketing out there, there hardly seems to be a human involved in the process at all. Videos that show a bit of personality and maybe even a human face, can really go a long way toward building trust for your brand.

You can create behind-the-scenes videos to give your customers a glimpse into what happens on an average day at your brand’s headquarters, and question and answer videos are a great way to get email addresses for your next email marketing campaign. Have people email their questions to you, and tell them to stay on the lookout for your next video where you will answer them.

Bottom Line

Customers crave recognition, interaction, and connection. Video content fills that need and helps you build rapport with everyone in one fell swoop. Post a video about CBD gummies for pain, anxiety, sleep, or anything else that people really identify with, and watch your search engine rankings and conversion rate soar.