Finding the Right Size Raincoat – What to Look Out For

Raincoats are important, especially when you live in a place where it’s especially wet or when the weather is unpredictable. They protect you and your suits or garments from getting wet, which could immediately ruin your attire and could possibly cause you to get sick. It doesn’t have to be shabby and with the right fit, it could really go well with your ensemble. 

Finding the right size for you will give you a modern look along with the functional benefits of a well-made raincoat. Here are some tips when choosing the right fit for you:


As I mentioned, raincoats are not solely functional, they can also be fashionable. When you’re facing a slew of varieties, you should consider the style and color that fits your taste and style.

  • Buttons vs. Zipper – This boils down to your preference. Both are adequately secure and comfortable.
  • Number of Buttons – It is common to see 3 or 4 buttons in raincoats, which sometimes include double-breasted versions along with a waistband. The double-breasted variety looks more sophisticated because they cut the lapels which keeps the tie and knot exposed.


Commonly they are made from cotton, polyester, nylon or a combination of the three. You need to learn the pros and cons of each of the material, especially when you’re expected to get them wet frequently. Cotton is comfortable and lightweight but is prone to shrinking and fading. Nylon is good because it’s not only lightweight, it dries quickly as well. But it needs some care because it tends to be sensitive to heat. Polyester is a common material because it’s resistant to fading as well as shrinking.

Sizing Guide

It is important to take note if the raincoats are designed to be roomier because then you’ll have to consider the sizes to be bigger than your usual size. A fashionable waterproof jacket will need to be the right fit, especially when you’re often out and about. You will have to remember that you will wear them over suits or regular clothes so you need to take into account the required extra room. So it is important that you know your measurements before you buy your waterproof coat.

  • Chest – It is the circumference of your chest, commonly measured in cm. For example, using their guide a woman with 77 cm chest circumference will fit into an XXS size and the size moves up to XS, S, M, L, and XL with a 4 cm interval for each size. While men will fit into sizes that start at 80 cm and move up the sizes at a 5cm interval.
  • Waist – It is measured around the natural waistline. This one is especially considered for women sizes to follow the natural curve of the body.
  • Hip – The hip is measured at the widest part.
  • Arm Length – This is measured from the center of the neck down to the wrist.

It is important to get the right size so that you’ll have some room to move around but not to the extent that it’ll just look baggy. Using the guide above you’ll be confident to find the right size for your coat. You will learn to adjust your selection when you’re in between sizes.