Dark Fantasy Illustrations Of The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen are known from the bible as the riders of the apocalypse. Daniel Karamudin took the dark angle of this concept and turned it into dark fantasy illustrations! The DeviantArt artist created a series of illustrations featuring the four horsemen and their horse, both together and separately, in a dark setting with post-apocalyptic details….

Impressive Dark Fantasy Dystopian Art By Michael MacRae

Gritty, dark fantasy, dystopian, and at times, creepy art is the crime today. The culprit is Michael MacRae, a talented artist from DeviantArt who has created a whole world on his own. By world, we mean that he has created art with a certain flow of continuity and with a story attached to each piece….

The Avengers Illustrated In A Dark Fantasy Theme

After Age of Ultron, The Avengers once again garnered a lot of attention. This time a deviantart artist took it upon himself to redraw all of the Avengers in a medieval dark fantasy theme. The artist goes by the username theDURRRRIAN and recently finished his series of illustration of all our favourite Marvel superheroes. The artwork looks…