Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Pocket Knife

Pocket knives were in most countries, up until relatively recently, a standard part of a man’s outfit. They had several uses, some of which we will explain in this article today, and proved to be an essential piece of equipment. However, across the world, knife crime is a growing epidemic, which has led many countries to outlaw the open carry of knives. With that said, many countries still do allow people to carry knives, the United States being one of them. Pocket knives are, without a doubt, very useful, that cannot be argued with, legality aside.

In this article, we will tell you a few of the top reasons why you should have a pocket knife, providing your country allows you to do so. Having a pocket knife, you will find, is a valuable asset. A pocket knife can prove to be incredibly handy at times.

Everyday Tool

Pocket knives are, inarguably, a valuable everyday tool. It is because of this that the knife specialists from go as far as to say, a knife is an essential part of a man’s daily arsenal. Knives are not just used for cutting and slicing, but rather a multitude of other things. Knives are an everyday tool – a tool that can be incredibly useful and beneficial for a number of reasons. They have been used as tools for centuries and will continue to be used as tools for centuries more, we are certain.

Survival Tool

Dangerous situations can occur suddenly. You never know when you might find yourself in a dire situation and in urgent need of a pocket knife. For example, say you were trapped in a car, with a seatbelt holding you down, unable to escape. A knife can be used to cut through it, thereby saving your life. There is an almost infinite number of other potential situations and hazards that a knife can prove to be handy in, too many to mention in fact. Knives are a valuable survival tool, as much as they are an everyday tool, and a self-defense tool.


Yes, now we come to the part that has gained knives bad press in the media: self-defense. Knives are used for violence quite frequently, unwarranted and unjustified violence more often than not. Even so, they are a great way to defend yourself if you find yourself in a situation where you live is in danger. Knives have been used for self-defense for thousands of years – they are a very valuable tool to have around in case of any hazardous or life-threatening situations. The sight of a knife is often enough to scare away an unarmed attacker.

Image Source: Pixabay

Food Preparation

When you are out in the wilderness camping or just going on an adventure, you may have nothing else to prepare your food with. This is, in part, why pocket knives are such a valuable tool – you can defend, protect, and preserve your life, as well as feed yourself with one! When you are out in the wilderness, the only preparation tool you need for your food is a pocket knife. You can use a pocket knife to prepare meals, cut fruit, and vegetables, and just generally look after yourself while you are out in the wilderness.


Whittling is a favorite pastime of many people lucky enough to live in the countryside. Whittling is a great deal of fun and can be a hobby that can yield profits if you are good enough and look at it as a way of making money. Yes, it is a very lucrative hobby to have, and it is a hobby that you can have simply by virtue of possessing a pocket knife. The only tool you need to whittle is a pocket knife! Sit down, get comfortable, flick out your pocket knife and get to work on a piece of wood.

Making Fire

Pocket knives can also be used to make fire, along with a spark. Making fire when outdoors is often essential. It can be near impossible to do if you do not have a pocket knife in your bag. It is because of this that you will find pocket knives in the rucksacks and kits of most people who are going out camping. Making fire is essential to surviving in an outdoor situation and can keep you safe. Pocket knives are, undoubtedly, one of the best things to carry around with you when you are outdoors.

Yes, pocket knives are multifaceted tools that are often misunderstood or condemned. They are tools that can save a person’s life in a number of situations – not just a combat situation. It is a shame that they have such a bad reputation because as this article demonstrates, they can save your life.