What is Package Printing?

In the past, they would use scrolls with a printing machine and ink to get letters and other forms of media out to the public. Nowadays, we use digital printing for the press and packages. Package printing is a great way to get your products out quickly, especially when you have a small business and need to get orders out quickly.

Digital printing technology has definitely impacted the printing industry, and it’s only going to continue to grow in popularity. Many digital package printing companies, like Paper Point, are available now. Find out more Paper Point information here.

But, do you know the package printing process and how it can benefit your small business?

How Does Digital Package Printing Work?

The way that digital printing on packaging works is that a JPEG or PDF file is created to fit the type of packaging that you want for your product. If you have a minor cosmetic business and want specific packaging for your branding, like “Betty’s Beauty Shop” with a bar of soap as a logo, you would create it as a PDF file or JPEG on your computer. Then convert it into a Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) (CMYK) to make it have color if your logo has a color (it may be black and white). After that, the label can be printed and put on the packaging.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Printing?

1.   No Minimum Order

There is no minimum order that can be made. Since digital printing is so efficient, people can produce more packages in a quicker amount of time. Therefore, there does not need to be a minimum on the number of packages that can be sent out.

2.   Customizable Content

Because digital printing is so easy and accessible, businesses can customize their packaging any way they would like. Companies can make their packaging any color, whether they want it pink, brown, or black or their lettering any size on their packaging. You can choose different fonts too, like Comic Sans, Lora, or Verdena. And businesses can create their packaging to be in smaller or larger print when creating their branding or logo.

3.   Eco-Friendly

It is more eco-friendly to use digital printing on your packaging than the old-school way of printing out logos because you do not use any paper and use a minimum amount of lettering for your packaging.

4.   Accuracy

Digital printing is the way to go when you want the most accurate design. Compared to the old way of printing out logos, the digital printing way of printing out letters and numbers for your products is a more precise way to get the best logo for your business. Digital printing will make the process quicker and give you your perfect logo that is made for your business, with the exact size, coloring, and font that you want.

5.   Quick and Easy

Since digital printing uses computers, this makes the process quicker and easier. You can print several logos and designs within minutes instead of days. This type of printing gives small business owners more time to focus on the more essential things for the business, like organizing and budgeting.

Digital printing can help your business in many ways and is beneficial to get your products out there without extensive work.