The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the World

Face masks with diamonds, super hero costumes and even latex masks of creepy real characters, these are some of the most extravagant and expensive ideas in the world to wear the scariest night of the year, Halloween! Let’s take a look at the most expensive Halloween costumes!

In this atypical year in which you will not be able to go to night events, or leave the community in which you reside to celebrate Halloween with friends or family, it is important to celebrate to maintain high morale, yes, respecting the rules and regulations. Dressing up is always a good plan and if it is with a fancy suit or accessory, all the better.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Halloween

Dressing up as Lady Gaga is a must during these dates. The different outfits that the artist has worn both on the red carpet and in her video clips are the most eccentric, an ideal feature for this party. In times of coronavirus, the star complement to customize is the mask, thus, you can opt for striking and original models such as those that the artist wore during the VMAs -ceremony that she conducted and in which she wore bizarre designs-, or opt for products premium like the Jacob & Co design priced at $ 250,000. The model in question, dubbed the Diamond Face Mask, is made of 18-carat white gold studded with 3,040 round-cut white diamonds.

Million Dollar Morphsuit

Million Dollar Morphsuit

Very similar to this mask, it is considered the most expensive costume in the world to date. The Scottish company Morphsuit created, a few years ago, the Million Dollar Morphsuit, a design that could well have been taken from Ryan Murphy’s hit series, American Horror Story, but in a luxury version. The suit is encrusted, from head to toe, with more than 70,000 diamonds and its price reaches a whopping 1.6 million dollars.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Halloween is also the perfect time to bring out the super hero in you. Body Armors gives you the opportunity to become Iron Man for about $ 7,000. The company makes replicas of the armor of this fictional character with all kinds of details, such as electronic gadgets that change the voice in real time and LED lights in the hands. With a more comical and fun touch is the costume that the artist Vaniamin Pera designed and made, a suit in the shape of the typical multicolored spring that cost him 1 million dollars and that he took the opportunity to show off, beyond this typical party, in a show circus performer who represented all over the United States.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony

Sometimes there are real people who are scarier than the worst fictional characters. This is the case of Casey Anthony, an American woman accused of killing her two-year-old daughter who was ultimately acquitted. A few years after this event, a latex mask was made of her face, with a super realistic design, which was auctioned on Ebay. The bidding started at $ 100 and in less than six hours reached the figure of $ 1 million. Both the seller and the buyer were anonymous.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Halloween

And to find references, nothing like taking a look at the celebrities’ social networks. If there’s a celebrity who spends a lot of time and money creating her Halloween costume, it’s Heidi Klum. The model generates great expectation, every year, with her looks -the most spectacular outfits-, prosthetics and makeup that she prepares months in advance.


Kardashians Halloween

The Kardashian family is also an expert in parties and, how could it be otherwise, Halloween is one of their favorites. Haute couture outfits combined with exclusive jewelry is what the little girl of the Kylie Jenner clan serves on her Instagram account.