The Most Expensive Objects in the World

The most expensive objects in the world range from precious jewelry to extravagant furniture, which not just anyone can have, since they cost millions of dollars. In the world there are different things that only the wealthiest people have the possibility of acquiring, since they are exclusive and unique pieces that grant a certain ‘prestige’ among the community. The most expensive objects in the world not only include jewelry as we might imagine, but also items such as a bed or a pencil. However, the value of these pieces is raised both by the material they are made from and by the design. Therefore, owning any of the goods listed below makes the buyer special as they are objects that no one else can acquire.

The most expensive bed in the world

Janjaap Ruijssenaars Bed

Price: $1.5 mil

It is a floating bed based on the Monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 film: A Space Odyssey. The base magically detaches from the ground and is held by cables that prevent it from rising more than 34.7 centimeters. It was designed by the Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars and levitates with the help of industrial strength magnets, which are fixed inside the base and on the ground. The experts assure that it is the perfect complement to make your visitors believe that you come from the future.

The most expensive house in the world

Antilia House

Price: $1 bil

The house is named after Antilia, after an island that gave its name to the Antilles in the Caribbean, and measures more than 37 thousand square meters. It is located in Mumbai (India) and is owned by the Hindu magnate Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man on the planet. It has a multi-story parking lot, a ballroom, a spa, a theater, guest rooms and a series of gardens.

The most expensive Xbox 360 in the world

Swarovski Xbox

Price: $15,000

It is a video game console that is completely covered by more than 11 thousand Swarovski crystals. The console was made after Microsoft Australia commissioned it for a public relations campaign.

The most expensive TV in the world

Yalos Diamond LCD

Price: $100,000

It is the Yalos Diamond LCD from Keymat, a plasma LCD with 160 20 carat diamond inlays that is fully clad with platinum-plated gold applications. You can receive images in HDTV format at 1080 x 720, and its warranty is 3 years.

The most expensive car in the world

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Price: $2.6 bil

It is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a jewel in the world of the automotive industry. It was the halo supercar of the entire automobile group by employing the most advanced solutions of the moment. This car fulfills the promise of exceeding a thousand hp of power and 400 km/h of speed. The Bugatti Veyron tire equipment was developed exclusively for this model given its power and maximum speed

The most expensive bicycle in the world

United Arab Emirates bike

Price: $1 mil

It is a bike built with gold and 495 diamonds. It was tailor-made for an oil magnate from the United Arab Emirates. The frame, handlebars and wheels are made of carbon, the rest are made of the most exquisite precious metals. The gold-plated chain, levers and plates, in addition to their corresponding gold, have 120 inlaid diamonds.

The most expensive watch in the world

Vacheron Constantin Kallania

Price $5 mil

Vacheron Constantin Kallania of Geneva manufacture, is a men’s model with 186 emerald cut diamonds of 170 carats. These diamonds are extremely pure and homogeneous; all of them certified by the Institut Suisse de Gemmologie (SSEF). This object not only stands out for its beauty, but for its caliber 1003, distinguished with the Hallmark of Geneva and for being the thinnest mechanical caliber in the world. Both the case, the dial and the bracelet are made of white gold.