20 surprisingly strange images on Google Maps

Lion king

Have you ever used Google maps? I have done it, many times – stop wondering how a penguin does it, just take it for granted! With Google Maps you can see the place you were born, the Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Fiji islands – in a few words you can see whatever you cannot reach…

The loneliest houses in beautiful secluded spots around the world

Remote Lonely Penguin

This time we’ll be looking at some gorgeous pictures taken from photographers around the world, with one common theme, lonely houses. That’s right fellow lazy penguins, this time we put aside our laziness for a little while to focus on our lonely side… You’ll be amazed at how beautiful and serene the landscape around these…

The most colorful animals in the world

Mandarin Duck

Welcome to this colorful post! This time we’re looking at the most colorful animals in the world. Take a second before scrolling down to try and guess which animals are part of the list. Then when you scroll down check and see how many you guessed correctly. You’ll surely be surprised with many of the…

20 Bizarre Phobias That People Actually Have


We are all afraid of something (even penguins my friend), but when the fear is carried to the extreme, it becomes a phobia. Fear can or cannot be provoked, it is something inherent in human beings and it is said that there could be as many phobias as there are people in our world (people,…

30 most terrifying deep sea creatures


Did you know that over 70% of the surface of our planet (Earth if you didn’t know) is covered with water? This impressive figure is enough to wake all kinds of surprising questions about how much we really know about life in the oceans. Especially if we start thinking about the huge number of species…

20 chameleonic body paintings to trick your eye

Coney Island bodypaint

Today we introduce to you Trina Merry, a very talented artist. She’s able to create pretty realistic landscapes, art decó, motor vehicles.. everything you can imagine goes out of her hands! But how does she do it..? As you can guess from our featured image, she doesn’t need expensive and rare materials to craft any objects….

20 terrific visions from a sleep paralyzed artist

Bruno's Vision

You know what the sleep paralysis is? Although it’s hard to define, it’s a kind of temporary disability that keeps one from making any conscious movement, making them unable to even shout. Generally, the sleep paralysis happens during a long transition period between dream state and wakefulness, and it turns out that a talented artist…

Unique animals with amazingly unusual eyes


The eyes of many of the animals with whom we share our life on planet Earth are disturbingly threatening, such as big cats and some birds of prey – some other times though, they are engaging but puzzling as our pets, in whose sight we get to see their everyday mood. In most cases when…