Vivid And Trippy Art Of Well Known Movie Characters

Darth Vader

Welcome to art class. Today’s teacher is Nicky Barkla, a young professional artist from Australia. The lesson is illustrating well known and liked characters from TV shows and movies in a unique way. And by unique, we mean trippy. Each of the pieces features a generous mix of many colours resulting in an extremely vivid…

Amazing Surreal Illustrations Of Animals By Jay Fleck

There Was Fire In Its Eyes

Today we present amazing pieces of art mostly centered around animals drawn by Jay Fleck. He is a talented designer and illustrator from Illinois who has created several prints of animals in adorable and, most times, weird concepts. Most of his prints are sold in the form of products such as curtains, clothes, rugs and more….

World’s Most Expensive Private Jets

Boeing 767

Today’s post will be about private jets fellow lazy penguins – never been in one of them and wanted so bad to write about the most expensive ones. They come in six categories: •    Heavy jets •    Large-cabin jets •    Super mid-size jets •    Mid-size jets •    Light jets •    Very light jets Whatever the…

Calcio Storico Is the Most Brutal Sport On Earth And Here’s Why

The Ref

Calcio Storico is without a doubt the most brutal sport on earth. Its name comes from Italian and means Historic Football. However, it is nothing like the football you know. Teams consist of 27 players each and although it’s a sport, it mostly resembles a brawl. Everything is allowed except sucker-punches and kicks to the…

This Photographer Combined Different Concepts To Create Amazing Bizarre Photos

Peng Jump

The young photographer and artist named Stephen McMennamy set out to create weird but beautiful art by combining two very different photos into one. This project is called combophoto and was picked up by the media really fast. The aim of the project is to combine two photos of very different concepts that manage to match…

Amazing Unique And Contemporary Sink Ideas

Sink Above The Sea

Today we’re talking about home decoration fellow lazy penguins. More specifically, about unique and cool looking sinks that compliment the neatest kitchens and bathrooms. The sink, most commonly used for washing our hands, is a cornerstone of every home. Therefore maybe decoration artists and designers have tried to create unique and stylish sinks which best…

Incredible Mechanical Sculptures Made Of Recycled Watch Parts

Mech Dragonfly

Do you throw away your old watch once you get a new one? Justin Gershenson-Gates didn’t. He gave the recycled parts a new purpose. A very artistic one. He turned the old watch parts into mechanical (or mech for short) sculptures, giving them the shape of different insects and arachnids. Needless to say they all look…

The Weirdest And Most Amazing Upcoming Festivals In Europe

Festival Number 6

However lazy (penguins) we may be, with Summer right around the corner, our blood is beginning to boil with the excitement for all the amazing and incredibly funny upcoming festivals! Are you ready fellow lazy penguins? Today we present some of the craziest and most interesting festivals in Europe. We also provide the dates and…

World’s Top Richest Skeletons | Bones And Diamond Stones

Portrait of Glory

Contrary to what you may be expecting, the following skeletons are only rich in name. After all, gold has no value in the afterlife. Speaking of afterlife, ironically enough, the skeletons below are all catacomb saints and important figures of religious history. They originated from Roman Catacombs but were found in long forgotten corners of…

Incredible Metallic Beings | Timeless Sculptures

Sitting Down

Sculptures don’t always need to be made of stone or ice. In this case they are quite unique though. They are made of metal, and more specifically of metallic wires. The sculptor is a British artist named Richard Stainthorp. He’s been working on these metallic beings for 20 years and now he accepts commissions for…