10 Extremely Cool Items You May Love To Wear

Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight Planetarium Watch

Today fellow lazy penguins we’ll dress you in style with some awesome articles that may blow your mind. Most of them are certainly unconventional and most likely not in fashion. However, they are extremely cool and many of us would love to wear them. We’re not only talking about clothes, but also about jewelry, watches…

The Most Frustratingly Useless Objects Created By Artist

Spoon vs Fork

There are everyday inventions that make our life easier, such as a spork or a nicely shaped glass and then there are these horrific creations. Inspired by everyday life silverware and basic tools, Katerina Kamprani, an architect from Athens, has probably created some of most frustratingly useless objects ever created. If you’re planning to see everything,…

Nuria Blanco’s Zoo Collection | Tableware Turned Into Art Inspired By Animals

Lazy Penguin

Nuria Blanco is a spanish designer who recently created her latest collection of tableware inspired by zoo animals, thus named the Zoo Series, or Zoo Collection. The plates do not just have animals painted on them. The feature that should not be overlooked about this tableware and that makes it even more awesome, is how…

Amazing National Flags Made To Represent Each Country’s Cuisine

Brazil - Banana leaf limes pineapple and passion fruit

Have you ever wondered what your country’s flag would look like if it was shaped using your country’s cuisine? That’s exactly what this post is about. You will most likely realise after looking at them that some are more accurate representations than others while others seem much more delicious. Fellow lazy penguins take a look and…

Benny The Bull | The Funniest Team Mascot In The World

Benny the Bull

Benny the Bull is the mascot of Chicago Bulls, one of the biggest teams of NBA. Why is he so funny? You’ll probably understand once you see the images below. Team mascots are naturally meant to be funny and entertaining for the crowd but sometimes, the people who are behind them are funnier than others….

World’s Most Original Product Packagings

Penguin Juice

Some companies invest in making their product successful by giving it a unique appearance. However, how many of them actually achieve their goal? Today, fellow lazy penguins, we present you world’s most original product packagings. Some of them are unusual while others are funny. Either way they leave an strong impression which is great for…

Artist Transforms Clouds Into Creative Illustrations

Platypus Feat

Every time you look at the clouds during a sunny day, don’t you look for patterns or shapes? This is what Martin Feijoó when he decided to start drawing clouds into the first thing that came to his mind once he saw them. Martin Feijoó, an artist from Argentina currently living and working in Madrid, Spain,…

Extreme Sports Photos Of People In Breathtaking Situations

Tightroping above the city

Ever felt like your blood is boiling and the adrenaline is reaching the maximum? The people in the photos below know exactly what we’re talking about. There’s no place for fear of heights here, so if you have it, avert your eyes. Happy New Year fellow lazy penguins. Our new year’s resolution was to be…

The Most Incredible Science Findings Of 2014 In Images

Science Penguin

2014 has been an amazing year for scientific progress with many achievements and new discoveries. From the landing mission on Rosetta to the birth of a snowflake, everything has been awe inspiring. We, lazy penguins, love science and since the end of the year is around the corner we decided to gather the most awesome…

The Most Unusual Christmas Trees

Penguin Santa and the Christmas Trees

With Christmas right around the corner, what time is better than this to take a look at some of the most unusual Christmas trees of the world? Surely many of you have already started placing ornaments around the house or decorating your Christmas tree. Every year this is a great chance to spend time with…