The loneliest houses in beautiful secluded spots around the world

This time we’ll be looking at some gorgeous pictures taken from photographers around the world, with one common theme, lonely houses. That’s right fellow lazy penguins, this time we put aside our laziness for a little while to focus on our lonely side…

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful and serene the landscape around these houses looks and at the same time you’ll begin to wonder if it’s possible for anyone to survive living all by themselves in a house far away from anyone else. This type of lifestyle is certainly not for everyone so many people would immediately reject this concept, while others would dream of it. Finally there are those who even though they know they could never manage to live in such secluded spots by themselves or with a small number of people, they still find it very fascinating and like to think about what it would be like and imagine themselves living such a life. Which type are you? Here are some of the most beautiful lonely houses around the world with wonderful shots taken by photographers of National Geographic‘s blog. “HT” yourshotblog

8. Abandoned

Philips, Alberta, Canada
Philips, Alberta, Canada

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