3 radical ways to revitalize your home office

When you first start working from home, it can feel pretty wonderful – being able to flex your hours around family duties is fabulous, you can work in a onesie for ultimate comfort and you’re far removed from petty office politics.

But once the honeymoon period is over, things might start to change – you’ll miss the social interaction with fellow flesh and blood human beings, donning athleisure gear every day will start to feel depressing and you’ll either start talking to yourself or commune with the family of crows in the chimney stack opposite your window.

However, rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater by quitting your job and planning a return to a corporate cubicle farm, perhaps refreshing your surroundings can help you see your situation in an entirely new and exceedingly positive light?

Don your interior designer hat and dive into your overalls – here are three radical ways to revitalize your home office.

  1. Buy a standing desk

Working permanently in a standing position isn’t ideal for your health, but when you’re in a demanding job it isn’t always easy to take breaks to stretch your legs with a walk in the park.

However, buying an adjustable desk from design gurus like Ikea can offer the best of both worlds – you can switch regularly between sitting and standing, thus keeping yourself healthier and adding a new dimension to the way you work. One note of caution though – make sure you’re wither sitting or standing upright, because crouching over completely defeats the purpose!

  1. Create a vision board

The chances are that not every task you’re working on will be exciting and a few weeks of drudgery can make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

So by creating a vision board and hanging it up in a prominent position, you’re visualizing your hopes, dreams and practical plans – it’s much easier to power through the humdrum stuff when you’ve got clear and achievable goals in your sights.

Treat yourself to a cheap pinboard and some permanent markers from ecommerce wizards Amazon and adorn it with pictures, newspaper clippings and inspirational quotes on travel, career and family plans – simple yet superb.

  1. Replace your door

Whether you’ve introduced a domestic open door policy that makes your office feel less claustrophobic or prefer to work in cloistered concentration with your portal closed, your door has a subtle yet significant effect on your workspace ambience.

For instance, a pre-finished oak piece with clear glass from master craftsmen Oakwood Doors can allow light into your creative haven while imbuing it with the solidity and authority that supports seriously good production values.

Alternatively, if your budget can’t cover splashing out on a new entrance, repainting your existing door can work wonders – yellow hues can be inspirational, but blue is calming and contemplative.

So ends our list, but please share your own home office refurbishment tips in the comments section!