6 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Our homes are where we find comfort and it’s a space that we call our own and certainly take pride in because it reflects our personalities and style. There are times, however, where we feel that sometimes, any given space feel much too small. The good news is that there are a number of tricks that you can utilize to make the smallest space in your home look bigger. 

This is why we’ve made a list of the most effective ways to make a small space look bigger.

Colors change depth perception

If this is something you’re not aware of, then it’s about time you discovered the power of color on depth and space perception. Using certain colors on specific parts of your room will actually have it looking more spacious. If you’d like to take on the task yourself, then this is also very doable, and will also save you money. The best way to do so and ensure that the paint is spread evenly is to consider using a paint sprayer. Look up reviews of the best available in the market. 

It’s a good idea to click here to get a good variety to pick from. This way you won’t have to worry about the thickness and how even the color looks on your walls. Ideally, painting the ceiling a darker color will actually make it seem much higher. You could also pick a color that pops and choose one wall to paint- by doing so, you make this the center of attention and so the room will look to be much larger as you focus attention in one area rather than the whole room.

Curtain & drape placement

The way you place your curtains and drapes will actually make a world of difference when it comes to making your space seem larger. By placing the rod at the very top of the ceiling rather than just above the window will actually give the illusion of having much higher ceilings, which immediately gives the sense of more space. Not to mention how much more class you’ll be lending to the overall look of any room. When you use light and airy materials and colors for your drapes, this immediately gives a sense of more space.

Less is more with decor

You’ll find that even though you might be using smaller pieces in terms of decor, the room may still look crowded and small. This is why it’s advisable that you invest in perhaps one or two standout centerpieces that are larger in size and place them in the room rather than having too many small pieces. You should also think about having full length or large mirrors placed as these too give the room the feeling of being more spacious than it actually is.

Arrange furniture strategically

The way you arrange your furniture actually makes a big difference in how big or small a room looks. By placing your furniture in the corners or by the wall, you make the room look much smaller. By applying a bit of symmetry and also by ensuring that you place the furniture more towards the center of the room, this way you give the sense of much more space being available to more around and it also lends a sense of a larger space overall.

Lighting makes a difference

There’s nothing quite like letting in as much natural light as you possibly can to give a room a sense of space. In the evenings, however, instead of having only one, large source of light, you should instead go for placing a number of lamps in different corners of the room. You’ll find that this actually helps make the room feel much larger because not all the corners and lines are defined, plus it just goes for a much classier look too. If you have artwork on display, you should get the larger pieces and have lighting put directly on the work of art to draw the focus there- by doing so, this too will help in making the room seem much bigger.

Smart storage is key

If there’s one that that destroys all your hopes and dreams of having space, it’s clutter. This is why it’s so important that you look into smart storage options. This can include furniture that doubles as storage, or even transforming certain areas in your house to accommodate storage so you don’t have too much clutter.

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean that it has to look small! There are plenty of ways for you to transform your small spaces into warm, wide and welcoming rooms that give off the air of space and comfort.