Top 30 Finger Tattoos For Men

Are you looking for a tattoo to get with your friends or do you want something new on your body, right? If so, we recommend finger tattoos. Tattooing in that area of ​​the body has become a very popular fashion in recent years, more since everyone was looking for images or had an account on Tumblr, or since pop artists began to wear them as if they were rings. Finger tattoos are great fun to look at and look great as accessories. If you are interested, keep reading this article to find out the best finger tattoos for men.

Symbol Finger Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are sometimes problematic, but having them on your hands can cause chaos when looking for a job. We already know that many workplaces do not accept that their employees have tattoos, especially on their fingers. The last convenient thing that tattoos have on the fingers is that that area of ​​our body has very little space for us to have large designs. Basically, it is a part that is dedicated only to minimalist tattoos or small images. You have to find the perfect drawing to fit there.











Extended Finger Tattoo Designs

What are the most popular finger designs? What meaning do they have? The hummingbird tattoo has different meanings in each culture, and they can also depend on the symbolism that you want to give when choosing it. These designs are popular with women because they are attracted to the color that these animals have. When you see them, the only thing you can think about is the beauty they have and the delicacy with which they move. The hummingbird refers to the elegance of people, the flexibility to get used to changes, and agility. But, for many they also symbolize the joy and protection of home. Semicolon tattoos contain a very deep meaning, because that punctuation mark refers to the struggle of people with diseases such as depression, addictions and suicidal thoughts.








Minimalist Finger Tattoo Designs

As much as you like the design, please, if you do not suffer from any of the diseases mentioned, do not do it. It is a very serious subject to take it as a fashion or a joke. Since ancient times, keys have had the incredible power to protect our belongings, which is why they symbolize something very important. Tattooing a key would represent that there is something in you that you do not want anyone to take away from you and that is why you have it under lock and key, it could be your happiness, your youth or your love. It can also symbolize freedom after eternal confinement, as keys open and close doors. As scissors are an indispensable tool for cutting things like hair, cloth, paddles; the meaning that tattoos may have is profound. Because if you make a design of those on your skin, it means that you want to end with something that hurts you or that you have already done. It is a reminder of what you no longer want to dry yours.









Animal Finger Tattoo Designs

The rose tattoo is a classic design and it is the safest to be done anywhere on the body. Roses have always represented love and romance, but they can also symbolize l to peace, friendship between people, sweetness and the impossible. Roses are a good gift for different occasions, so it would also be a good gesture to have a tattoo of that flower in honor of someone special to you. When people think of lightning, the first thing that crosses their mind is that they are a natural and destructive force. But, they don’t necessarily have to be this way, they can have other meanings. Lightning can symbolize personal strength, the uncontrollable power that we can have within us. In Greek culture, lightning was the undisputed symbol of power. So if you feel that your personality resembles the characteristics of a lightning bolt, you should tattoo it. We recommend that the design you make is as minimalist as possible, because they look great on the fingers.






Finger Tattoos for Men FAQs

1. Do finger tattoos hurt?

The fingers are surrounded by nerve endings and the skin that surrounds that area is very thin, therefore, when you get the tattoo you will feel a lot of pain. Some people have told us that they compare getting those tattoos to putting their hand on the kitchen rack, or having their fingers cut off with knives. But do not be discouraged, remember that everything will depend on each person, for there your pain threshold is much higher than that of others.

2. What are the pros and cons of finger tattoos?

One of the advantages that this tattoo has they look great on both women and men. It does not matter how your hands are or if you have a manicure done, those little designs will be very beautiful. If you are one of the people who want others to realize that you like tattoos and that you do it often, these are definitely a good option, since they are in view all the time.

Before going to the studio to get these tattoos, you should know that the designs that you do on your hands are too visible. It will be very difficult for you to be able to hide them from the eyes of others. You never stop using your hands and you never cover them, unless it’s winter and you like wearing gloves. Another disadvantage that we have found to this tattoo is that since we use our hands all the time, it is almost inevitable that the ink you have on your skin will not wear away. So if you want to get them done anyway, they have to keep in mind that you will have to take care of your hands and go to the studio to have your tattoo reviewed.