How Quitting Smoking Makes Traveling Easier

As a traveler, being a smoker can feel like a full-time job.

Whether it’s flying, driving, or taking the train, smokers are constantly on the lookout for their next cigarette…fearful that they’ll never be able to feed their cravings before the next location. And that’s just getting there, with actually being on vacation or at your destination always being stained by the step of having to go out for a smoke during practically every activity.

Yes, smoking can take its toll on you while traveling. Whether you’ve noticed the difference, the leaps and bounds it takes to be able to even have a cigarette can be conditioned into a lot of smokers’ heads. And if you’ve been considering quitting smoking, then luckily for you, we’ve provided a few reasons why quitting has made traveling easier. Check out our insights below:

You’re Able To Truly Enjoy Yourself

A lot of former smokers will tell you that constantly trying to sneak out for smokes can ruin any good time. Quite simply, you’re not truly enjoying yourself, as there’s always that itch in the back of your head to go out for a smoke, a little anxiety will always drive your next action, even if you don’t want it. Instead, quitting cold turkey or utilizing something like tobacco-free pouches can be a huge help in curbing your cravings, allowing you to move and break free with no stress.

You Take Fewer Breaks

A significant benefit of quitting smoking is that you’re more likely to take fewer breaks during your travel. Ask anyone who’s had to travel with a smoker, and they’ll probably tell you constantly having to pull over every hour or two for a simple cigarette gets old. Instead, quitting enables you to just coast with the rest of the team, saving you a fair amount of time.

People Enjoy You In The Car More

Another thing about having a smoker in the car is that without a cigarette, they’re often insufferable. Especially if something like a delay or traffic jam hits and they can’t step out, the anxiety of when they can get the next cigarette starts becoming displaced on the other people in the car. Ultimately, no one likes it when someone is itching for a cigarette right next to them, providing a feeling that they’re on edge.

There’s No-Hassle Of Buying In Bulk

Most smokers will tell you that before any vacation or trip, it’s smart to buy a carton or two. Depending on where you live, buying upfront is usually the cheaper option (unless you’re traveling to a state with low tobacco prices, such as North Carolina and Virginia). Quitting, however, gives you the chance to save big on bulk, putting that money towards something a little more fun and entertaining.

You Don’t Smell Like Smoke

Even though it’s not obvious at the time to most smokers, stale smoke can stink. While it’s not always obvious to the smoker, the smell of smoke gets into their clothes, car, hair, and even luggage, leaving a trail of stench wherever they go. Not everyone has the tolerance for the smell of cigarettes (especially on a long trip), which is why quitting can be a big help.

You’ve Got More Energy For Activities

One of the most significant benefits of quitting smoking is having more energy for activities. After all, traveling can mean spending a lot of time on your feet with little time to sit down, and while some smokers can physically keep up, they’re agitated by the constant motion.

Additionally, smoking itself can seriously limit the fun things you could be doing physically in a new place, such as hiking or exploring. Instead, quitting smoking now will open up your lungs and help them be in a healthier place to take on new challenges and adventures.

You Feel More Relaxed

Although we often think that smoking helps you ‘relax’, that’s hardly ever the case. Instead, cigarettes tend to restrict blood flow, making your heart have to work even harder. Additionally causing things like shortness of breath, cigarettes don’t necessarily help you relax, but rather just cure an ‘itch’ from the previous smoke.

Even on a vacation, it can be hard to truly know what relaxation feels like without a trusty cigarette. That’s why those who have quit cite genuinely being able to relax long-term without the need to fill that void.