4 Vital Things To Do When Travelling Solo In Canberra

Canberra is frequently named as one of the foremost “habitable cities within the world” and it isn’t difficult to see why. It has all the highlights of a bustling city – but without the towering high rises, pollution, congestion, and over-crowding issues that other cities have. It is additionally a city of contrasts – so life never gets boring. On one hand, it has the political heart that’s seen on the daily news, but on the other hand, it too has craftsmanship, culture, and theater coursing through its veins. 

If you’re planning to on a solo trip to this wonderful city here are some tips to make your time well-spent:

1. Best Months to Visit

The period from September to December is known as the peak season, as the weather during this time of year is mostly very good. It is also a good choice to visit Commonwealth Stadium, while the Floriade Spring Festival is on. More than 480,000 people attend the month-long celebration to enjoy the elegance of the tulip gardens on sale and free events. If you’re visiting in winter, Corin Forest Mountain Retreat provides outdoor ice skating in town with Skate in the City and even snow play for the kids. Summertime brings the hugely popular Summernats and Multicultural Festival, and the Canberra Balloon Spectacular and the Enlighten Festival are hosted in the fall.

2. Tour Around the City

If you’re alone, you have the advantage of controlling the pace of your tour since you won’t be held down or hurried by your companions and their schedules. You can maximize your tour around the city in two ways:

Hire A Car

It’s one of the best tips to offer because you’ll want a car to explore the city and surrounding area. Hiring a car from the airport is an easy one-just book online in advance and the car hire companies are located inside the airport terminal. You may want to explore the city on foot after arriving at your hotel, but if you want to visit all the landmarks and perhaps take a day trip to the Canberra Wine District. All of it would be included in getting in your rented car and hit the road. Fortunately, because Canberra is a planned area, all the streets are wide, there are not many traffic lights and the classic roundabouts of Canberra keep traffic flowing.

Get A Taxi Service

If you’re not familiar with the roads or you just want to get a better view of the city from the streets then you can always get a taxi service. One of the best advantages of hiring Canberra cabs is that they know the city very well and are also known to be very courteous and great conversationalists. They can take you to the famous landmarks around the city and may even have nuggets of information about each one. The taxi service in this city is one of the things that they are proud of.

3. Cash and Credit Cards

Tourists will pay to large shopping centers and restaurants by bank transfer. Fast everywhere, Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted. Cash will only be useful for travelers looking to go to markets and small restaurants.

4. Protection from Insects

You should take special protection from insects when going on an excursion to one of the nature reserves. You should also be covered up as much as possible, otherwise annoying insects can spoil even the most exciting trip.

One of the best ways to spend your time is to talk with the locals. They will know the leading places to go for coffee, the cheapest place for lunch, how long it takes to urge to the following goal, and where you’ll buy a cold wine or brew after the day. As numerous individuals who work within the city have moved to the Capital to work in government offices, they may too be unused to the city and feel like a visitor, rather like you. So swap a few tips, interface with the local people and see how the individuals of Canberra make the foremost of this city.