New Tools to Beef Up Your SEO Tech Stack

SEO has been a game-changer in the area of online business. You could increase the potential of our own company by boosting the visitors of your website, promoting not only the brand itself but also the products that you have to offer. To further optimize the potential of your SEO tech, there are new tools which are applications, services, and software that can help you beef up all the processes needed. With the growing demand for automation and fast processing, it certainly is a great time to expand your company online. If you are already using your own SEO tech stack, there are more tools you can add to improve your business. 


The most important step in any online business is the launch of your own website. This is your own place or store in the digital world and it is where your customers and clients would mostly open the door for opportunities. The importance then of creating the perfect website for your business is possible if you have the right tools to get you set up right away. Squarespace can help you with the design because of all the marketing tools it offers to help you manage a website. It focuses on visuals and design so you get the aesthetics to make your site look professional, user-friendly, and easily navigated. Other than that, it has other features for email campaigns, social integration, analytics, and even blogging. Furthermore, it offers all-day security and support plus free and unlimited hosting. 


If you are maintaining a small to a medium website then ToosZap is the application for you. This is suitable for SEO enthusiasts and even for SEO group buy because you can share many tools for spying, sale, and spider that are not provided by other applications. It is considered to be one of the best buy SEO tools at a more reasonable price so you don’t have to worry about having too much for your share. The group of tools you can find in this application can address and service any of your needs. When it comes to the shared account, you have with other people in your group, you don’t have to worry because this app will hide your searched data from them so you still maintain your privacy and security. It is almost just like having your own account, but not having to shoulder the subscription fee alone.


There are a lot of things Asana promises to help you with. It is a service-as-a-software that is designed to help with team collaboration and even work management. Your teams can use this to track, organize, and manage team members and their work. This software has been the standard in the business for the mapping out and tracking of different projects. Even when you have a hundred tasks, you can keep tabs on them and get timely updates because it also sends notifications for when a particular project is stuck and not moving. It will store files from your Microsoft and Google accounts for group sharing and access to every member. This has made having offshore employees possible so if you are planning to have a remote team to handle some areas of your project for you then Asana is the perfect tool you can add this to your SEO tech stack.


The best thing about Ceros is that it is a cloud-based platform for the creatives who want to work on animated and interactive content without needing developers. This design studio will help your team to collaborate on your digital projects in real-time even though you are working on different stations and even places. Graphic designers and marketers alike can create the graphics, infographics, lookbooks, and others they need without having to write a single line of code. So if you are a not so techy designer, then this tool is perfect for you. The content you create using this platform can easily be accessed across any devices and browser and they are flexible enough that they easily adapt to market changes. Live preview can be done with just one click of a button.

Screaming Frog

Though its name suggests another, Screaming from is actually an SEO spider that will crawl on your website to check links, images, and other content of your website to check for any discrepancies and problems. It is an application you can install on your computer and it can return with reports on any broken links, duplicate content, auto redirects, and so many other important diagnostics so know the areas you need to fix and improve. It serves as a content audit so you can clean up your website and improve greatly your on-site SEO. It works great for small and larger websites effectively with reports you can easily analyze in real-time. You can start with a free version of it and consequently go for the paid version if you want to go for an unlimited number of crawls on your website. 


One of the telling signs of a good website that offers only the best products are the reviews that can be seen on its site. Indeed, they can either make or break your business because of how influential they can become to the perspective of your prospective customers and clients. Great reviews can improve your customer’s trust and make them purchase or get engaged right away while bad reviews are rough to destroy your image and reputation. Trustpilot is a consumer review website that hosts tons of reviews of businesses worldwide. It is a tool you can use to collate and manage these reviews. With its help, you get an update and an organized way of going through the reviews to enforce any damage control if need be.

The tools you have for your SEO tech stack can help you gain an edge and advantage so you can maximize your business strategies. It helps both your system and employees so they can work better and more efficiently. When all these in place, you can just focus on the most important aspect which is increasing your sales and income.