5 Bizarre Foods from America

Foodies have their own trip when they travel the world, dipping not only into myriad cultures but tasting a smorgasbord of definitive flavours only their host country and culture could have concocted. Aside from shopping and learning, food tasting is one of the main activities you can do while abroad that will really engage your senses fully into the heart of the place. While other travellers insist on sampling as much local cuisine available, those with an acquired taste for the bizarre tread the off-the-beaten-path when it comes to food and travel, trying some very weird food upended from all sides of the world and human experience.

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The United States of America loves to eat. Some documentaries detail the American food obsession, fast food love affair, and problem of mass obesity; many US television shows chronicle the food adventure across the massive country, biting into the oddest foods from different places in America at a time.

1. Squirrel Stew

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Yes, a hunter stew made from squirrel prepared from the kitchens of Kentucky and elsewhere.  Hunter stew is survival cuisine, but you can imagine the variations in recipes the squirrel stew had inspired along with ethical concerns. It tastes good cooked using different special ingredients.

2. Rattlesnake Chili

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This variation of chili can be eaten in Arizona. Rattlesnake meat, whose flavour is a bit of a mystery, is cooked with a lot of hot sauce. The chili may hide the taste of the snake meat. Overall, eating rattlesnake chili may be more similar to eating normal chili. This dish is also available in Texas. Meanwhile, people from New Orleans popularised an alligator sausage and other states swear by fried gator: a Florida staple that tastes like a denser version of crisp chicken.

3. Scrapple

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People from Delaware eat everything that gets left behind from the making of a pig hotdog frank. Leaving nothing to waste, the rest of America follows suit tasting one of the most important meats of the country. A loaf of meat, scrapple – sometimes erroneously called “Philadelphia Scrapple” – is made from the leftover parts of a pig: pork liver, pork offal, pork broth, and cornmeal, and can be cut into slices like bread.

4. Pemmican

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In the mood for some strange-looking food. Pemmican may look like dog food but it’s very healthy. It’s a nutritious mixture of meat fat and protein that was invented by the peoples of North America as a high-energy food. It’s made from thin dried slivers of lean meat that had been pounded and packed.

5. Hog Maw

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Pennsylvania’s hog maw dish is made by stuffing the lining of a pig’s stomach with sausages, cabbage, and potatoes. Hog maw or the stomach of the pig, is used in Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine.

From all kinds of meat to strange cooking methods, these 5 bizarre foods from America had become part of the landscape of their cuisine. If you have anything to add to this list, feel free to share your opinions and experiences here below! We appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoyed reading our article. Happy travelling, and don’t forget to try out your destination’s must-eat local dishes, from traditional to bizarre.

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