Five Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress depends not just on your budget but also individual needs and preferences. Much the same as there is no “one size fits all” for jeans, there isn’t one type of mattress for all. What may feel supportive and cozy for one individual might not be the best fit for another person.

Whether asleep or awake, we spend a sufficient amount of our lives on a mattress. This makes a mattress an important investment for homes. A supportive, comfy mattress helps one having a good night’s sleep, which thus causes you feel and work better throughout the day both physically and mentally.

So when you’re in the market, it is good to be armed with complete knowledge before entering into the neighborhood mattress store or tapping the “Buy now” button on the web.

Mattress Size

A mattress comes in sizes such as twin, queen, king, full, and California king. Your desired size relies upon whether or not you share your bed with another person, the amount of space available, and individual inclination. If a time has come that you’re battling for space with your partner, it may be time to consider upgrading to a bigger size. If your room is compact and the bed seems to dominate over the space, cutting back on size might be a decent decision.

Comfort Level

Mattresses are ranged in varying levels of comfort extending from firm to pillow top to plush and moreover, contoured and customized. There hasn’t been a standardized measurement of mattress firmness set by the mattress industry. This implies that one producer’s “firm” could be another’s “extra firm”. Therefore, such descriptive terms should be used for guidance only and not an absolute.

Likewise, a strained back does not always mean that you require an extra firm mattress, or that a milder mattress will be comfier. Many people have their best sleep on a mattress that ranges somewhere in the middle, yet more towards being firm than soft.

Sleeping Position

Another vital factor to consider while picking a mattress is your sleeping position. In order to limit your options and select a mattress that fulfills your requirements, it is important to know whether you’re a stomach, front, back, or side sleeper, or move around throughout the night. For instance, side sleepers may sleep better on a pillow top or plush mattress that backs the spine’s natural curve than a mattress with a firmer comfort level.

Know Your Options

The most common three types of mattresses are traditional innerspring, memory foam, and hybrids.

  • Innerspring mattresses are widely recognized and also the least expensive. They give great support and an extensive variety of firmness estimation. On the drawback, they aren’t remarkably enduring.
  • Memory foam mattresses are comparatively costly; however, these are incredible for supporting sore joints or hurting muscles. On the contrary, they can be hot and are not very romance-friendly.
  • Hybrid mattresses are the combination of above two having springs with a foam cover. A good hybrid will offer the best of both innerspring and memory foam models.


A mattress plays an important role in reducing or aggravating pain during your sleep. Individuals with lower back pain may require a firmer mattress to help support their backs aligned. Having knowledge of the pain you experience will help you find a suitable mattress that may not just lighten uneasiness but also enhance your sleep.