Interesting facts about Hollywood actors

Oh, those movie stars! Each of us at least once in our lives envied their success, but have we thought about what actors have to face? To bring you down to earth, we found some interesting facts about the brightest representatives of Hollywood. Their stories are truly inspiring, so get comfortable!

The main merry fellow of the world

Jim Carrey is rightfully recognized as the best comedian of our time. Inimitable facial expressions, amazing plasticity, and honed acting skills, but once the world refused to accept his talent! The first steps of the actor were not successful, which led Carrey to depression and isolation. A poor childhood also left an imprint – for some time, his family lived in a van and barely made ends meet. But Jim tried again and again, and already in 1984, he was recognized as the best young American parodist.

Humble macho

About Keanu Reeves, you can say this: secretive, but certainly beautiful. The actor prefers not to advertise his personal life, does not like publicity, and does not use his name to achieve a goal. During his school years, he suffered from dyslexia, which became the reason for his isolation. However, the problem did not prevent the young man from appearing in advertising at the age of 15 and later becoming a superstar. By the way, at first, the agents considered his name too exotic, so in the early films, in the credits, you can see the names of Norman Reeves and Chuck Spadina.

Blonde angel

Everyone knows the name of this blonde! It’s no wonder because she regularly starred in notable projects and is the face of major brands. But the childhood of the actress was not so rosy: in an interview, Charlize admitted that her father was an alcoholic and constantly terrorized her with her mother. One day a man came home drunk and tried to kill his wife and daughter. But Gerda, Theron’s mother, shot her husband in front of a 15-year-old girl – solely in self-defense. Now it becomes clear why Charlize so reliably played a serial killer in the movie “Monster”, which can be found at piratebay proxylist,  and received an Oscar for her work.

Sad eyes of a comedian

Owen Wilson is familiar to many from comedy films – and, we have to admit, he is good at them. But even the funniest have their downfalls. In August 2007, the actor was taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt. There is a version that Wilson could not cope with depression after breaking up with Kate Hudson, so he saw no reason to live on. Later, the couple converged again, but after a while, they ended the relationship completely. Fortunately, the artist survived a difficult period of life and even became the father of many children. We wish him success and more awards!

Bitter loss

Reading the news of Hollywood stars, it seems that troubles bypass them. Alas, the vicissitudes of acting fates are no different from others. Liam Neeson was successful before the age of 30. Just imagine: since the late 1970s, he has appeared in more than 120 films and TV shows! But in 2009, grief struck his family – his wife, actress Natasha Richardson, died after an injury at a ski resort. Neeson was left alone with two children and, after a while, admitted in an interview that he still grieves for his beloved. Would you have guessed that while watching Liam’s films?