7 Most Spectacular And Best Miami Beaches You Must Visit

If there is something that the city of Miami has been endowed with, it is some of the most awesome beaches in the world.

Full of sun, sand and life, when you go on family or individual vacation to Miami, you should visit these beaches:

  1. Lummus Park Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Miami and that perhaps explains why it is usually flocked in spring and summer. It is colorful and anytime, there is an interesting activity going on. If you are looking for a quiet calm beach where you can relax and let the hot sands massage the fatigue out of your bones, this is not it as it is a bit crowded. This beach is on the Atlantic Ocean. It is huge, at 74 acres and is located in Miami –Dade County. Although it is a public park beach, it is advisable to book your tickets to the park in advance.

  1. South Pointe Park Pier for fishing vacation

This is one of the best, perfect spots for family beach vacations in Miami. It sits on all of 17 acres, has some wonderful spots for picnics, a place for the children to play, a fishing pier which also has cutting and washing places and then there are recycle bins where you can toss the fishing baits that you do not need to keep. If you would like to go for a family fishing vacation on a beach, they do not come any better than South Pointe Park Pier. Joe’s is nearby where you can get all the food you need for your Oceanside picnic.

  1. Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles is a perfect name for a beach if you ask me and it is indeed sunny.  This is another perfect spot for people who like to camp on the beach as families. It is also a great beach spot for individuals. Stretching for over two miles of public beach that is full of sun and sand, you will love doing some shopping in the stretch of souvenir shops, eating at the restaurants as well as just lazing on the beach. It can get a bit populated in spring and summer, but do not let that put you off. There is plenty of beach for all.

  1. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

If you would like a feeling of getting out of Miami, then you must drive on the bridge and get to Key Biscayne, and to the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park where you can make a trip to the lighthouse, take part in some enjoyable water activities like surfing, kayaking, fishing and many more. This is a big state park, good for family vacation and make sure to bring your camera so you can take great photos with the old lighthouse in the background.

  1. Surfside

Surfside beach looks as great in real life as it does in pictures, actually, it looks much better. It is one of the best beaches in Miami and although it is small. It can give you some good time if you are looking for a beach that is not too populated. It stretches for about 0.5 miles and if you are lucky, you should catch the local folk having a beach picnic on the first Friday of the summer – a great way to welcome summer. If you want to bring your own stuff for a picnic, please do so.

  1. 46th -63rd Street Beach

If your aim is to just relax on a beach that is not too crowded, then this is it for you. It is big, is great for families and on some spots it has some of the biggest hotels in Miami. However, note that there are not many things to see on this beach apart from boring condos in the beach front. If you are looking for excitements like music, community and picnics, you had better try Sunny Isle. However, at the 53rd, there is a play area for your kids. You can relax as they do their thing.

  1. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach is the perfect destination for a family that is looking for crazy fun like skating, jogging, cycling and many more. There is in fact a brick promenade that has been set aside just for those activities. You could also drive along the coast line and admire the ocean. You can relax between the coconut palms and just sip a mojito.


Miami is known for its spectacular beaches and these are the most popular Miami beaches. If you want to enjoy your beach vacation in these beautiful Miami beaches, having a men’s cruiser bike can help you explore and experience all that are on offer on these beaches. You can also choose from regular men’s bikes. Enjoy your time in these Miami beaches on your new favorite bike!