The Adorable Spider Monkeys Of The American Rainforests

Spider Monkey

There are many different species of Spider Monkeys all of which are unfortunately endangered. They are native to tropical forests of America and are also described as New World monkeys. The rarest if them are the brown spider monkeys. They are known for their long tails and limbs which is also the reason for their names….

Infographics Showing The United States From Different Perspectives

USA From Different Perspectives

Following are a series of infographics showing the United States of America from many different perspectives. The ideas is to give information about each individual state by comparing it in certain fields with the other states. The results are quite interesting, and on many occasions, surprising as they give us a cultural point of view…

Deconstruction of America | MikeCampau

Deconstruction of America

In this post, dear lazy penguins we will speak about USA and some of the issues the country is facing from the view of the talented digital designer Mike Campau. According to Mike Campau, “Everything from government corruption, broken justice system, religion (or lack there of), poor diet and nutrition, and how we have all…