The Unpopular Opinion Adorable Puffins


You might have seen Puffins before due to the popularity of the unpopular opinion puffin meme which has circulated the internet in recent years, but what about the animal itself? Puffins are a small type of birds known for their colourful beaks. They have black and white feathers and their beaks are pretty big compared to…

The Wild Fishing Cats Of The Wetlands

Fishing Cat

Fishing cats are one of the largest species of wild cats native to the wetlands of South Asia. They are yet another endangered species in the animal kingdom. True to their name, their main source of food are fish which they catch themselves, often by diving into the water. They are actually very good swimmers,…

The Adorable Spider Monkeys Of The American Rainforests

Spider Monkey

There are many different species of Spider Monkeys all of which are unfortunately endangered. They are native to tropical forests of America and are also described as New World monkeys. The rarest if them are the brown spider monkeys. They are known for their long tails and limbs which is also the reason for their names….