5 Easy (Yet Clever!) Steps to Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Safari Trip

The African safari is a dream vacation, where you can get a good look at a variety of living species that you would only see on TV or the zoo. Just imagine being able to be up close and personal with a tiger, lion, or elephant, and to take a picture of the fantastic wildlife right before your eyes. Unfortunately, all of this can be quite expensive if you are not careful.

Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help you get an affordable trip.

Go to places without an entry visa

Some countries will require that you purchase an expensive entry visa, while others do not need it. For example, Kenya and Tanzania cost $50 per person for entry visas, while South Africa does not require any of that. That is why, according to mango airlines, most of their patrons prefer to travel in places that don’t require an entry visa for affordability purposes. Therefore saving you a lot of money if you’re traveling with a family of five or more.

No vaccines or malaria pills require

Since Safari contains a lot of wildlife, that means they have various diseases that could be deadly for people. For example, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania are known for yellow fever, so it is required for people to get that vaccination before entering the country. Another thing is that malaria is the leading cause of death in Africa. This disease involves a parasite from mosquitoes that can destroy your blood cells. That is why travelers are required to take anti-malaria drugs before entering the country. Unfortunately, all these drugs and vaccines can be quite expensive if you are traveling with a group of friends and family. Luckily, certain places in Africa do not require these vaccines or drugs because the diseases aren’t prevalent in that location. If you want a budget-friendly vacation, it’s vital to do your research to locate the unaffected areas.

Hidden government fees and taxes 

Certain places have hidden government taxes and fees for related tourist activities. For example, in 2016, Tanzania requires an 18% VAT fee for all travelers. Because of this, Tanzania is known to be one of the most expensive places to visit. However, South Africa and Kenya do not require these types of fees.

National parks

National parks are an affordable way to explore Africa. For example, Kruger National Park in South Africa costs $18 for children and $25 for adults per day. In comparison to private reserves, every national park has more land and animals to explore, better accommodations like luxury camping and lodges, allow day trips, and permit self-driving without a tour guide.

Low Seasons

If you are interested in an affordable trip to the African safari, then it’s best to go during the low season, such as March. This can significantly reduce your price so you will not have to break the bank. Plus, during the low season, there are fewer tourists and more open lodges and lands to visit. However, if you go during the high season, such as the summer months, you will witness higher expenses and crowded areas, which might not be very pleasant.

It is true that an African safari adventure can be quite expensive, but with the right strategy, it can also be very affordable. With these tips and tricks such as going to countries without entry visas, avoiding places that require vaccines and malaria pills, looking out for hidden government fees, going to national parks, and going to the adventure during the low seasons can save you a lot of money. With all that in mind, you can now enjoy your adventure without breaking the bank.